Buying Guide for Masks

December 08,2021

Nowadays, masks have become a necessity in our lives. People's demand for them is also increasing. But do you know what materials are used to make masks? In special times, how should you choose masks correctly?


Mask Making Materials

which type of face mask is most effective


Masks are mainly divided into disposable non-woven masks, gauze masks, disposable three-layer masks, and disposable activated carbon masks.


Disposable non-woven masks have more than three layers to isolate bacteria and dust, and they are safe and reliable for one-time use without the risk of secondary infection.


Gauze masks are the most commonly used mask types. Gauze masks are widely used in the field of medical care and scientific research


The disposable three-layer mask is mainly made of two layers of non-woven fabric and filter paper. Its nose bridge is made of environmentally friendly full plastic strips, which do not contain any metal. It is very breathable and comfortable to wear with a filtering effect of up to 99%. It is more suitable for wearing on the way to work and school.


The first layer in the middle of the disposable activated carbon masks we usually buy is anti-bacterial filter paper, which plays an anti-bacterial role to prevent virus damage. The second layer in the middle is a new type of high-efficiency adsorption filter material-activated carbon fiber, It is made of activated carbon cloth, which has good anti-virus, bacteria filtering, dust resistance and other good effects.


Anti-virus masks are mainly made of special materials with a filter layer in the middle. Generally, the filter layer is made of activated carbon felt or melt-blown cloth. It has the effect of sterilization and sterilization.


How to Choose Masks


Ordinary medical masks have the lowest level of protection. It is mainly used to block sprays exhaled from the oral cavity and nasal cavity. It is suitable for sanitation and nursing activities in a general medical environment, such as sanitation and cleaning, liquid dispensing, etc. It also has the function of blocking or protecting particles other than pathogenic microorganisms such as pollen.


The most effective role of 95 masks is to prevent and control the spread of severe respiratory diseases, such as SARS, influenza and the outbreak of COVID-19.


Studies have shown that, within a predetermined range, surgical masks are similar to KN95/N95 masks in preventing influenza. Zhong Nanshan, the leader of the SARS expert group, also said, "It is not necessary to wear N95 masks. General masks can block most of the virus-laden droplets from entering the respiratory tract." To prevent the new coronavirus, wearing a medical-surgical mask is also useful. In the case that N95 masks are not available, it is also possible to choose general surgical masks.


There are many types of masks on the market, so how do we judge? Whether it is a medical protective mask or a surgical mask, ordinary medical masks are medical devices. China's production and management of medical devices are quite strict, so if conditions permit, you should try to choose masks with medical device production licenses.


The above is an introduction to the types and choices of masks. If you want to know more about the purchase of masks, you can contact us.As a professional manufacturer and supplier of respiratory products, the main products Include oem half facepiece respirator,gas mask, gas filter, dust filter, earplug, goggles, etc. In the current special period, it is very important to wear a mask and pay attention to personal protection.


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