Disposable Mask, Half Mask Or Full Respirator Mask, Which Is Better?

October 29,2021

Since the epidemic, there have been three main types of face protection products, namely disposable masks, half masks and full respirator masks, all of which can have a significant protective effect on us.

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Knowing them

Disposable masks can be divided into two types with breathing valve and without breathing valve. The filter cotton and face mask are of integrated design. Because the design is relatively simple, the air leakage rate is much higher than the other two. The duplex half-mask is composed of the main body of the mask + filter elements, while the full-faced mask is composed of three parts: a window mask, an internal small mask and a filter element.


Disposable mask, half mask or full respirator mask?

Disposable masks are convenient for daily travel and simple medical wear. The full respirator mask can effectively protect the wearer’s face, eyes and respiratory tract from poisons. Half mask, used to provide effective protection to the respiratory organs of personnel. Which is better? I think no one knows your personal situation, your working environment, your purpose of use, etc. better than you. If you still don’t have an answer, the following selection tips will give you important inspiration (scroll the mouse to continue to view)


How should we choose facial protection products?

1. If you want to carry it conveniently, give priority to disposable masks. Because disposable masks are not as big as full-face masks and half-face masks, they are easy to carry and take them out. However, it should be noted that disposable masks have a high air leakage rate and are not suitable for long-term use or occupational protection. If it is used for occupational protection, it is recommended to evaluate the quality, grade and comfort, so as to select a suitable disposable mask (ps: disposable masks are disposable and cannot be reused. It is recommended to develop regular replacements habit).


2. If you want comprehensive protection, a full face mask is preferred. If you work in some special or harsh environments, you need a comprehensive face protection, so a full face mask is the best choice. Choose oem full respirator mask on our website.


3. If the filtering effect is to be good, the KN100 grade is preferred. Because when working in a high dust environment, if the filter level of the protective product is low, it is easy to cause harm to the body. But it should be noted that the better the filtering effect, the greater the resistance to breathing. It is recommended not to wear it for a long time.

4. If you want a long service life of the compound mask and full-face mask, it is recommended to choose a silicone mask, which not only has a long service life, but is also soft and comfortable, and will not cause adverse reactions even if worn for a long time.


By and large, if you want to choose a suitable face protection product, you should first clarify your needs and use environment, then choose the type according to your needs and use environment, and finally choose a suitable protection product based on other factors.


Because disposable masks are disposable items, they generally do not require maintenance. Full face masks or half face masks can be used for a longer period of time through the following maintenance methods provided by oem half mask supplier.


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Maintenance method of half face mask, full face mask product and filter box

Storage and maintenance

  • Check the condition of each part of the mask before use, and replace damaged parts;
  • Check the filter box regularly and replace if necessary;
    Wrong storage methods will shorten the life of respiratory protection products and lose their protective effects; therefore, respiratory protection products should be placed in a clean plastic bag and stored in a personal toolbox or designated location. The environment requires ventilation, cleanness, and dryness.


Cleaning and maintenance


Use soapy water or neutral washing solvents for cleaning, do not use organic or corrosive solvents;

Rinse the mask thoroughly in clean water, and pay special attention to washing off all the soapy liquid on the exhalation valve to avoid corrosion. If possible, please use tap water to flush the exhalation valve repeatedly;


Dry the mask by yourself, or wipe it with a non-lint cloth; hot air below 40°C can be used to accelerate drying. Do not use an oven to dry, so as not to cause aging of the rubber parts.



In order to maintain them better, we recommend that you perform regular monthly inspections, including headgear, mask sealing area, mask skirt, exhalation valve and inhalation valve for damage (including small holes) and scratches; In addition, you also need to pay attention to whether it is deformed due to aging, heat or pollution. If anything happens, please replace it in time or contact your supplier for repair.


If you are looking for a supplier that supports oem full respirator mask that can better protect your face, Xiamen Safety Health & Environment looks forward to being your partner, helping you fully protect your respiratory health.