During the Epidemic, What Should You Know About Masks

January 06,2022

As the epidemic continues to grow, masks have become essential for our daily lives. But there are still some people who can’t classify which types of masks can protect us from infection, let’s explore it together.




What are types of masks?


N95 (including KN95) masks: N95 is an American standard, and KN95 is the international standard. They all can filter 95% 0.3um particles and have a barrier effect on viruses.


Disposable surgical masks: Medical disposable masks are usually divided into three layers: the outer layer has a water barrier to prevent droplets from entering the mask; the middle layer has a filter layer that can block 90% of 5μm particles; the inner part near the mouth and nose, which is used to absorb moisture.


Ordinary masks: Including old-fashioned cotton masks, activated carbon masks made of anti-PM2.5, and sponge masks for keeping warm in winter. They are useless against the new coronavirus! Such masks usually can only prevent smog, but they are thick, stuffy, and have poor adhesion to the face.


Some common doubts about masks and their answers


Q: If I need to wear a mask for protection, how should I choose?


A: Option 1: Medical surgical masks. Need to follow the standards of medical surgical masks. Nursing masks, cotton masks, and sponge masks are not recommended.


Option 2: N95 medical protective mask.


Q: Can wearing a mask all the time effectively prevent the virus?


A: Regardless of the type of mask, the protective effect is limited and must be replaced regularly. It is best to replace it every 2 to 4 hours.


Q: After wearing a mask, the glasses are all foggy, what should I do?


A: The correct way to wear a mask: Wash your hands before wearing, make sure the front and back of the mask, be sure to fit the face to form a closed environment, and let ventilation pass through the mask instead of the gaps around it.


Pro Tips:


How to deal with medical masks after use in daily life?


If the mask gets wet or soiled by secretions, it must be replaced immediately. Discard the mask after use and wash your hands.


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