Everything You Need to Know About Gas Masks

December 09,2021

The gas mask is a kind of protective equipment to protect human respiratory safety. It is closely fitted with the human face, so as to effectively isolate the contact between toxic environment and respiratory tract. In reality, the application of gas masks is also wide, however, many people don’t know them very well, so their gas masks don’t conform to their environment. So, we are going to explain some knowledge about gas masks in this article.


According to the protection principle, there are filter gas masks and isolation gas masks.




Filter gas masks


The filter gas mask is the most common kind of gas mask. The filter gas mask is mainly composed of a mask body and gas filter. The mask can isolate the external air to protect the mouth, nose, and face. The interior of the poison filter is filled with activated carbon as the main component. Because there are many pores of different shapes and sizes in the activated carbon, it can adsorb dust, and impregnate the pore surface of the activated carbon with chemical agents such as copper, silver, and chromium metal oxides, so as to react with the toxic gas after adsorption and make the toxic gas lose its toxicity.




Common filter gas masks can be divided into half mask, full mask, and smoke, and gas mask. The difference among them is that the body. The filter half mask is generally only used for respiratory protection, while the full mask is used to protect the user's face (including eyes and face) while protecting breathing.




The gas mask is mainly composed of filter element, cover, eye window, expiratory communication device and headband. They have their own responsibilities and can cooperate tacitly at the same time.


Operating environment


The filter gas mask is applicable to places that endanger the respiratory system but will not immediately endanger life and health. It is generally applicable to the working environment with oxygen concentration greater than 18% and temperature of - 30 - + 45 ℃. If it is used in an environment with low oxygen concentration, asphyxia is easy to occur.


Working principle


It mainly filters toxic and harmful gases and dust particles through poison filter boxes (and filter cotton).




The filter gas masks of mask and half mask are suitable for painting, pesticide spraying, ink printing, chemical industry and other industries, while smoke and gas masks are mostly used for fire emergency escape.




Isolation gas masks




The isolated gas masks are mainly divided into long tube respirators and air respirators. The long tube respirator can be divided into two types: self-suction and electric air supply. When the respirator is applicable, it can avoid the impact of environmental pollution. Air respirator, also known as gas storage gas mask or fire mask, protects the breathing safety of users by using compressed air as the air source. The fundamental difference between the two is that the long tube respirator can continuously provide fresh air for users, and the service time of the air respirator depends on the configured cylinder capacity. Generally speaking, the service time is 40 ~ 60 minutes.




Long tube respirator is generally composed of full mask + BELT + long tube + forced draft fan, while air respirator is composed of mask + gas cylinder + shoulder strap + alarm whistle + pressure gauge + gas cylinder valve + pressure reducer + back support + supply valve and other components.


Operating environment


Isolated gas masks are generally used when the oxygen concentration is insufficient or there are unknown toxic substances in the environment.


Working principle


The long tube respirator provides the user with safe air through the long tube connection, while the air respirator provides the user with compressed air in the cylinder.




Isolated gas masks are generally used in the environment with low oxygen concentration and narrow space, but different isolated gas masks also target different environments. For example, when air respirators are mostly used for fire safety rescue, they are used to protect the breathing safety of firefighters or rescuers from smoke, toxic gas, steam, or hypoxia, Ensure that rescue work or fire fighting work is carried out effectively. The long tube respirator is suitable for the environment that needs to work for a long time, such as cleaning the waste chemical fertilizer pool, treating the oil tank and so on.