Everything you Need to Know about the Industrial Face Mask

November 19,2021

Nowadays, because of the special environment, especially the industrial production and manufacturing, the protection of the industrial face mask is inseparable. In fact, the industrial face mask is different from ordinary masks. Today this article will mainly introduce the industrial face mask.


The Introduction of the Industrial Face Mask


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The working principle of the industrial face mask is to make the air containing harmful substances filtered and purified by the mask before being inhaled by people. The structure of an industrial dust mask is divided into two parts, one part is the main part of the mask, and the other part is the filter material, including filter cotton for dust prevention and chemical filter box for anti-virus.


Whether the industrial face mask really plays a protective role, in addition to selecting the protective function, another important selection factor is suitability. There is no one-size-fits-all design that can suit everyone's face shape. The certification test of the industrial face mask does not guarantee that the mask is suitable for each specific user. If there is a leak, the pollutants in the air will enter the breathing area from the leak. The industrial face mask can effectively filter particulate dust that is one-twentieth the size of PM2.5.


Industrial face masks are classified into a wide range. According to different manufacturing materials, there are microfiber masks and protective masks made of perchloroethylene microfiber. This kind of mask has a filtration efficiency of more than 99.9% for aerosols.


Some Methods for Choosing the Industrial Face Mask


When choosing Industrial face masks, you can consider the following important factors:


✔️ Protection level


Industrial face masks are mainly used to filter fine particles in the air. These fine particles are also the main culprit of pneumoconiosis, so the most important aspect of choosing a good industrial face mask is to choose a high-level industrial dust mask. There is a clear division for the protection level. The KN100 level is the highest protection level and has a dust resistance rate of 99.97% for ultrafine particles. The filtration efficiency of KN95 grade is 95%, the lowest is KN90 grade, and the dust resistance rate is only 90%. If you want to prevent pneumoconiosis, you must reduce the ultrafine dust that enters your body, so you must first choose a high-level dust mask.


✔️ Size and model


The industrial face masks that you choose to purchase must be divided into different sizes and models according to the height and weight of the workers. Only by choosing a suitable size mask according to the height and weight of the worker can we avoid dust leakage and improve the protection efficiency of dust masks.


✔️ Breathe smoothly


Because dust-exposed workers work in high dust environment for a long time, industrial face masks must be worn at all times. Therefore, Industrial face masks also have high requirements for workers' breathing resistance. Masks with low breathing resistance allow workers to avoid feeling dull and lack of oxygen when they wear them for a long time, which improves work efficiency and ensures the health of workers.


✔️ Silicone body


When you choose industrial face masks, you should choose the main body material to be silicone. The silicone material fits the face better, has better sealing, and at the same time the hardness is closer to the skin, making it more comfortable to wear.


To implement the above suggestions/steps/tips we provide, you can choose industrial face masks with high quality. We are the oem industrial face exporter. Any interests, welcome to contact us.