How To Avoid The Misunderstanding Of Dust Mask Purchase?

December 08,2021

Workers in construction, flour manufacturing, mining, and other industries are facing great dust hazards. If they are careless, they may suffer from serious occupational diseases such as pneumoconiosis. Dust masks are the last barrier for such workers. Whether an enterprise can provide reliable dust-proof products for workers is related to whether their life safety can be guaranteed.


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However, at present, many enterprises often have the following misunderstandings when purchasing dust masks:


Misunderstandings when purchasing dust masks


Misunderstanding 1: paying too much attention to unit price and ignoring quality


As a special labor dust-proof product, the dust mask is subject to the GB2626-2006 standard. Most of the products without inspection and certification are fake and shoddy products. Although the price is low, it can not effectively protect them.


Misunderstanding 2: paying too much attention to the unit price and ignoring the protection grade


According to GB2626-2006 respiratory protective equipment -- self-priming filter type particle respirator, dust masks are divided into three grades: KN100, KN95, and KN90. Among them, the KN100 grade filter element has a filtration efficiency of ≥ 99.97% for particle sizes above 0.075 microns, and the relative price is high.


Low-grade dust masks are used in high dust environments, and the wearer will be unnecessarily injured.


Misunderstanding 3: paying too much attention to the unit price and ignoring the adaptability of products


According to GB2626-2006 standard, dust masks shall be divided into large and small sizes, with requirements for respiratory resistance. Mask wearers with poor adaptability have different face types and different air leakage rates. Some need to remove the lower mask frequently to alleviate discomfort at work due to strong facial pressure and poor breathing.


In particular, some rubber masks with a peculiar smell or easy to cause skin allergy cannot be worn for a long time, resulting in protection failure.


Misunderstanding 4: paying too much attention to the unit price and ignoring the comprehensive cost


The dust mask with long service life has a strong economy and low comprehensive cost. Some dust masks have poor quality and short service life. In order to reduce the single purchase cost, the purchaser purchases such masks, resulting in the annual cost per capita being much higher than the cost of compound long-term masks.


The loss of employees due to the poor protection effect and the compensation cost of enterprises due to pneumoconiosis is far greater than the saved funds.


How do enterprises buy dust masks scientifically?


Dust mask purchase strategy 1: qualified inspection is the premise


The dust mask must have an inspection report. Dust masks shall be selected according to the dust concentration and harmfulness of the working environment. KN100 dust mask is recommended for welding, coal mining, grinding, and other high concentration dust fields and toxic and harmful dust environment in the medicine and chemical industry.


Dust mask purchase strategy 2: distinguishing size is fundamental


According to the national standard, dust masks need to be divided into large, medium, and small sizes to adapt to different face types and ensure tightness to prevent dust leakage. Masks with a high air leakage rate generally have high hardness, while masks with high tightness are comfortable to wear and have a low-pressure feeling.


Dust mask purchase strategy 3: smooth breathing is a must


High-quality dust masks mostly use electrostatic adsorption filter cotton. The finer the dust, the better the protection effect. In order to ensure smooth breathing, double filter cotton and double filter surface technology are adopted to ensure smooth breathing, reduce work interference due to respiratory protection, and improve work efficiency.


Dust mask purchase strategy 4: reducing the comprehensive cost is the key


At present, the main body of the high-quality mask is mostly made of medical silica gel, with a service life of more than one year. The filter cotton adopts layered filtration technology, with a service life of more than 30 days. Effectively reduce occupational disease disputes, reduce employee turnover, improve work efficiency and enhance enterprise competitiveness.


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