How To Choose Different Types Of Goggles

March 11,2022

Goggles are an important part of personal protective equipment, which can be divided into ordinary protective glasses and special protective glasses according to their functions. Protective glasses are a special type of glasses, which is designed to prevent radiation, chemical, mechanical and different wavelengths of light damage. There are many kinds of protective glasses. The choice is different for different occasions and different needs. The common ones are dust glasses, impact glasses, chemical glasses and anti-radiation glasses.






The transmittance of visible light of it is about 20%, and the absorption of ultraviolet and infrared rays is better. There are light green, light gray, light tea and other colors, used to make shading and snow work protective glasses. Light gray lens has the least influence on color recognition. Light tea glasses make the blue sky look darker and reduce green light penetration; Light green lenses reduce red light transmission.


UV Glasses


In the optical glass into the absorption of uv chemicals, visible light, uv absorption rate is high. According to the needs of different types of work, the lens is mounted on the lens frame, mask or helmet. There are liquid crystal welding mirrors, which can turn black in 0.001 ~ 0.002s when exposed to strong light to protect welding operators from electro-optic ophthalmitis.


Ordinary Optical Glass Glasses


Lenses made of ordinary optical glass can prevent mechanical damage of lathe workers, grinders, milling workers, roughnecks, boring workers, riveters, sand cleaners and molding workers and acid and alkali burns in acid and alkali operations, testing and sampling, and prevent foreign bodies from entering the eyes of drivers and surgical personnel.


Eye Protection Glasses For Welding


The ultraviolet light produced by electric welding can cause damage to cornea and conjunctiva tissue after a short time of irradiation to the eyeball (the most serious light is 28nm). The intense infrared ray produced is easy to cause eye lens opacity. Welding goggles can block infrared and ultraviolet rays very well. The lenses are based on optical glass and use colorants such as iron oxide, cobalt oxide and chromium oxide, with a dose of cerium oxide added to increase uv absorption. Appearance is green or yellowish green. Can block all ultraviolet ray, infrared transmittance is below 5%, and  the transmittance of visible light is about 0.1%.


In Conclusion


It is very important to choose according to your own needs, or the glasses are not much useful.