How To Choose Dust Proof Face Mask?

November 29,2021

As soon as we see the name of dust proof face mask, it is not difficult to see that this kind of mask must be used to prevent dust from entering our respiratory system, so the dust prevention rate of this kind of mask should be quite high. So how should we choose masks with a high dust prevention rate?


dust proof face mask


Selection of dust proof face mask


  • The first is that the mask should effectively prevent dust from entering the respiratory tract. 


The dust proof face mask actually is a half face mask, which is also called a half mask. An effective dust proof face mask must be able to prevent fine dust, especially to prevent breathing dust below 5 microns from entering the respiratory tract, that is to say, it must be a "dust proof face mask" that meets the national standard. It must be pointed out that the general gauze mask has no dust-proof effect.


  • The second is suitability.


That is, the mask should adapt to the face shape to ensure that the air will not enter the respiratory tract from the gap between the mask and the face without filtering through the mask, and should be worn correctly according to the instructions.


  • The third is to be comfortable to wear. 


Mainly to effectively prevent dust, and to make it easy to breathe after wearing a mask, light in weight, hygienic to wear, and convenient to maintain.


If the dust proof face mask is worn for a long time, the dust-proof effect will be reduced or lost. Therefore, it must be replaced regularly according to the instructions for the use of the mask. During use, it is necessary to prevent squeezing deformation and contamination of water, and careful maintenance.


Three common-sense mistakes about dust proof face masks


❌Gauze masks can be used to prevent dust and are comfortable to wear.


Dust proof face masks belong to special labor protection articles, and the state has special standard requirements for their quality. As early as 2000, the former State Economic and Trade Commission expressly stipulated that gauze masks should not be used as dust proof face masks, because the dust prevention efficiency of gauze masks is only about 10% for dust below five microns, which is the most harmful to the human body. As a result, it costs money and fails to prevent dust hazards.


The non-woven dust proof face mask can be cleaned and reused, which can save cost.


The filter materials of common dust masks in the market are melt-blown non-woven fabrics, mostly polypropylene, commonly known as PP melt blown cloth. It is a kind of ultra-fine electrostatic fiber cloth, which can capture dust. After the dust is captured by the ultra-fine electrostatic fiber cloth, it is very difficult to separate due to cleaning, and washing will also destroy the electrostatic dust collection ability. Therefore, the non-woven mask can not be cleaned and needs to be discarded after use. To save costs, some enterprises require employees to clean and reuse masks after using them for some time. Some mask manufacturers have also developed the so-called "efficient and washable" dust masks with a layer of melt-blown non-woven cloth sandwiched between traditional gauze masks, which are wrong and dangerous.


As long as you wear a dust proof face mask, you won't get pneumoconiosis.


First of all, dust proof face masks have a certain filtering capacity. If they exceed their filtering capacity, they can't prevent dust. Therefore, for some places with high dust concentration, engineering transformation should be carried out first to control dust, reduce the dust concentration below the allowable concentration, and then consider wearing dust proof face masks.


Secondly, the dust proof face mask can not prevent dust if it is not worn correctly. This not only includes wearing according to the operation manual to ensure that the wearing position is correct and appropriate (no leakage), but also must be worn in the dust receiving operation, find the failure signs of the mask in time and replace it in time.


The above are some methods of choosing dust proof face masks. The mask shall be marked with the manufacturer's logo, certification level, compliance standards, and product code. It shall be checked clearly when selecting and selecting products with guaranteed quality.