How do you Extent the Service Life of Chemical Gas Filter?

November 18,2021

As personal protective equipment, gas masks are used to provide effective protection to the respiratory organs, eyes and facial skin of personnel. The chemical gas mask is composed of a mask, a gas tube and a canister. The mask can be directly connected to the canister for use, or connected to the canister with a gas tube. Gas masks can be selected according to the protection requirements of various types of canisters, which are mainly used in various toxic and harmful operating environments such as chemical industry, scientific research, and warehouses.


chemical gas mask


Classification of chemical gas masks


πŸ‘‰Gas masks are divided into isolation type and filtering type


  • Isolated gas masks mainly include oxygen breathing apparatus and self-contained air breathing apparatus;


  • There are many types of filter gas masks;


Gas mask filter can filter out toxic gases in the outside air for people to breathe. It does not have a gas storage cylinder. This requires that the oxygen content of the air in the environment is not less than 18%. If you use basements, mine tunnels, tunnels, etc. When a fire occurs in a place with a low oxygen content in the air, the oxygen content in the air will be lower during combustion. Although the filter can filter poison but cannot supplement oxygen, the wearer will suffocate due to lack of oxygen.


πŸ‘‰Gas masks are divided into full-face gas masks and half-face gas masks


There are two types of full-face masks, hood type and headband type, both of which can cover the eyes, nose and mouth; the half-face mask should be able to cover the nose and mouth.


There are many types of filter gas masks, but their filtering ability is limited. They can only filter out certain low-concentration toxic gases, such as high-concentration acids, ammonia, chlorine, carbon monoxide and other toxic gases. Cannot be filtered out.


How to extend the service life of chemical gas masks?


πŸ‘‰Maintenance of the cover


The face mask is an important part of the gas mask, and it is the part that isolates the wearer's face from the outside air. The mask is generally composed of a mask body, a water blocking cover (drain cover), an eye window, a talker, an exhalation (inspiration) valve and a headband, and some are equipped with vision correction lenses as required.


In view of these characteristics of the cover, the first thing to pay attention to when protecting the cover is falling pressure. Once the gas mask is dropped and pressed, it will damage its eye sockets and intercom; and the shell of the canister will also be deformed, destroying the filling structure of the canister. Therefore, it is necessary to handle and put the gas mask gently, and not to fall or press it with heavy objects.


The second thing to pay attention to is sun exposure. Because nowadays general masks are made of rubber, which is prone to increase in hardness and deformation under the combined action of oxygen, sun and temperature in the air, and cannot restore its original shape, losing its own elasticity. Therefore, avoid sunlight or high temperature during daily operation and storage. Ventilate and cool down in a timely manner during storage.


πŸ‘‰Maintenance of filter cartridge


The body of the filter box is generally made of aluminum, and the main component inside is activated carbon, because there are many pores of different shapes and sizes in the activated carbon, which can absorb dust. At the same time, the surface of the pores of the activated carbon is impregnated with copper, silver, and chromium. Chemical agents such as metal oxides can react with the poisonous gas after adsorbing it, so that the poisonous gas loses its toxicity.


From this point of view, activated carbon achieves the purpose of anti-poisoning through the following three functions: physical adsorption, chemical adsorption and catalysis. Some of these effects rely on the adsorption of carbon itself, while others rely on the chemical reaction with water and air. The aluminum box is soft in nature, so you should prevent it from being squeezed and bumped during use to protect the box.


Activated carbon is a material with strong adsorption, not only for poisonous gas, but also for moisture. Once activated carbon absorbs too much water, it will inevitably affect the anti-virus effect and shorten the service life of the gas mask. This requires us to keep the environment ventilated and dry when storing. Welcome to contact us for oem chemical gas mask, we are ready to serve you at any time.