Mistakes In The Selection And Use Of Safety Protection Products

November 26,2021

Workers will inevitably be exposed to occupational hazards such as dust, harmful gas and noise in the production process. Wearing appropriate protective products is the last line of defense to protect workers' life safety and health. The correct selection of appropriate protective products can effectively prevent occupational poisoning and occupational diseases.


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The selection of labor protection products shall adhere to the following principles


  1. Select labor protection products according to national standards


The national standard rules for the selection of labor protection products (GB11651-89), the national standard for the allocation of labor protection products and relevant regulations provide a legal technical basis for the selection of labor protection products.


  1. Purchase labor protection products according to relevant national regulations


In order to ensure the quality of labor protection products, the production of special labor protection products in China implements the system of production license, safety appraisal certificate, product qualification certificate and safety sign. The enterprise producing special labor protection products shall also conduct self inspection on the products according to the standards on which the products are based, and issue the product certificate.


Special labor protection products shall be subject to sampling inspection by local labor protection product quality supervision and inspection institutions before leaving the factory, and the inspection institutions shall allocate safety identification certificates according to batch. The safety signs shall be strictly examined and issued by the safety sign management organization of special labor protection products.


At present, China has provided special labor protection products such as safety helmet, filter gas mask mask, filter tank, safety belt, electric welding mask, electric welding goggles, anti-static conductive safety shoes, dust mask, toe safety shoes (boots), flame retardant protective clothing, safety net, impact eye protector, rubber anti smashing safety boots, acid proof clothing, etc, production license must be issued before production, and "safety identification certificate" must be pasted on the product. When purchasing these kinds of protective products, you should check whether there is a sign of "three certificates". If not, it is an illegal product.


Several misunderstandings in the use of personal protective equipment


Personal protective equipment - belongs to the first level of prevention in the comprehensive measures against occupational hazards. When the working conditions cannot be improved from the protective equipment, it is still the main protective means.


However, many enterprise managers and workers have several misunderstandings in the use of personal protective equipment:


Myth 1: personal protective equipment can be worn or not


Experts pointed out that personal protective equipment can eliminate or reduce the impact of occupational hazard factors on workers' health. The occupational disease prevention law stipulates that employers must provide workers with qualified protective equipment, and workers are obliged to wear protective equipment.


Myth 2: there is no smell in the workshop, so you don't have to wear personal protective equipment


Experts pointed out that many harmful gases are colorless, odorless and tasteless. They do not have any warning and can not be felt. Even with taste, there are limitations and individual differences in the perception of the outside world by sensory organs. Therefore, over believing in feelings may lead to occupational poisoning.


Myth 3: gauze masks can be used to prevent dust


Ordinary gauze masks cannot be used as dust masks. Although the gauze masks we use now are cheap, absorb sweat in summer and keep warm in winter, such masks (even if they are 16 layers thick) can not protect against the harm of respiratory dust that is easy to cause pneumoconiosis. Special dust masks are needed for dust prevention.


Myth 4: medical masks are used to prevent poison


Medical masks can prevent disease from spreading through droplets, but they cannot filter toxic gases. For different poisons, respirators with different filtering effects shall be used. General volatile organic gases can be used with activated carbon gas masks.


Myth 5: dust mask washing and reuse


The filter material of the dust mask cannot be washed. The high-efficiency filter materials used in dust masks are usually non-woven materials, and some also rely on the electrostatic charge on the fiber to filter respiratory dust. After washing, the microstructure of the filter material will be damaged, cracks and holes invisible to the naked eye will appear, a large amount of electrostatic charge will be lost, and the filtration performance will be seriously reduced.


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