Misunderstanding of Disposable Mask

June 13,2022

How many days can a disposable mask be worn? How often does it take? It turns out that many people are easy to make these mistakes! Professionals point out that it is better not to wear a mask like this.


disposable mask


The first misunderstanding is that one mask is worn continuously


For ordinary people, ordinary medical surgical masks can resist the risk of virus infection, but medical surgical masks are generally disposable, and it is recommended that they be worn for no more than 4 hours.


Some people wear a mask for two or three days. In particular, the older generation always thinks that changing masks is too wasteful. They simply wear a mask repeatedly. In this case, the mask will be contaminated with some dust, bacteria, water vapor, and saliva. If it cannot be changed frequently, these residual bacteria and viruses will not only fail to protect but may also have a negative effect.


The doctor suggested that the disposable mask should be replaced every four hours. If only ordinary people wear it when they go out, the replacement time can be extended appropriately.


However, these situations need to be replaced in time. If the air quality is poor and there are a large number of people going to places, such as supermarkets, markets, cinemas, and amusement parks, the virus contained in the air is relatively easy to be infected. It is not recommended to reuse the mask.


If the mask is contaminated, such as sputum, secretions, and dust, it will not have the effect of preventing the virus. In this way, it should be replaced in time and must not be reused.


The second misunderstanding is that the mask is directly put into the bag or pocket after wearing it.


This situation can easily cause the mask to be contaminated with microorganisms. If you wear it again, it is also prone to infection.


The correct way is to prepare a clean plastic bag. After wearing the mask each time, fold the inside of the mask inward and put it in the plastic bag, and then put it in the pocket or bag.


The third mistake is to wear a mask for a long time.


If you wear a mask for a long time, it may reduce the ability of nasal mucosa to increase temperature. Cold air stimulates nasal mucosa, and a little carelessness will cause a cold. It is suggested that the correct practice is to wear a mask for 5 to 6 hours as the upper limit. When the visibility is good, the air is clean, and the flow of people is small, you can not wear a mask.


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