Q&A about Goggles

February 24,2022

Q: How often do goggles change?


A: If the goggles are not broken or contaminated with foreign matters, they should be replaced at least once every 8 hours. If the following situations occur, they should be replaced immediately: 1. The goggles are polluted by the patient's body fluid or blood. 2. The lens is blurred, cracked, or damaged. 3. Goggles cannot fit the face and should also be replaced in time when the use effect is affected.




Q: Can goggles be reused?


A: Goggles can be reused after strict disinfection. The disinfection process of used goggles is as follows: first, wash the dust, sweat, and other impurities on the goggles with running water. Then wash the goggles with alcohol or disinfectant wipes. Alcohol can be directly sprayed on the inside and outside of the goggles. Disinfectant wipes can directly wipe the front and back of the goggles. Pay attention not to do it when the goggles are dry to prevent damage to the coating of the lens.


Q: How long can a goggle last?


A: There are many kinds of goggles, and the specific service life depends on the situation. Generally, the service life of labor protection glasses should be judged by their abrasion category, loss degree, and their materials; Personal protective glasses are also related to their usual use; Ordinary goggles for preventing foreign matters from splashing are also related to their environment and type. The standard service life of general goggles is 24 months. If they are often used, they should be replaced in about 3 months.


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