Some Information About Activated Carbon Masks

December 08,2021

There are many kinds of masks, and appropriate masks are required for various scenes, otherwise, the effect may be opposite or meaningless. We usually use ordinary medical masks, but today we learn that the protective equipment is activated carbon masks. Let's have a look!


activated carbon masks


Filtration principle


The filter material of the activated carbon layer in the activated carbon mask is mainly in two forms: 1. Activated carbon fiber cloth 2. Activated carbon particles.


The main function of the activated carbon filter layer of the activated carbon mask is to adsorb organic gas, odor, and toxic dust, which is not used to filter dust alone. Filtering fine dust mainly depends on the combination of ultra-fine fiber electrostatic filter cloth, that is, what we usually call non-woven cloth and melt-blown cloth.


Based on these materials, activated carbon mask has the dual effects of anti-virus and dust prevention.




According to the number of uses, it can be divided into disposable activated carbon masks; activated carbon masks are used multiple times.


According to the shape, it can be divided into flat activated carbon mask, cup type activated carbon mask, duckbill activated carbon mask, folding activated carbon mask, and so on.


According to the material, it can be divided into non-woven activated carbon masks, gauze activated carbon masks, cotton activated carbon masks, silica gel activated carbon masks, and artificial rubber masks.


According to the process, it can be divided into flat filter activated carbon mask, carbon box filter activated carbon mask, activated carbon fiber filter activated carbon mask, and multifunctional combined activated carbon mask.




  1. Working in a newly decorated office building is full of toxic gases such as formaldehyde and benzene. You need an activated carbon gas mask to protect you;


  1. In a crowded bus, breathing the air full of germs, you need an activated carbon mask;


  1. In the congested streets of the city, the diffuse automobile exhaust suffocates you. You need an activated carbon mask;


  1. When you move to a newly decorated house, it's hard to resist the pungent smell of formaldehyde. You need an activated carbon mask;


  1. Patients with respiratory diseases are more sensitive to air pollution. An activated carbon mask can improve the protection ability and is conducive to the rehabilitation of the disease.


Differences between activated carbon mask and ordinary mask


  1. Activated carbon mask has the functions of dust prevention, poison prevention, and deodorization, and can effectively adsorb the harmful gas in the air on the surface of the mask. It can also prevent people from suffering from upper respiratory diseases, to protect people's bodies. At the same time, it can also prevent the virus in your body from spreading elsewhere, which is good for yourself and others.


  1. The price of an activated carbon mask is relatively low, but it can not be used again after cleaning, so the use cost is increased.


  1. The better the filtering effect, the worse the permeability of the mask, while the filtering effect of wearing a comfortable mask is generally very poor. You can choose a suitable mask according to your wearing purpose. Of course, you can't ignore whether the mask fits your face.
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