Some Information About Gas Filter Mask

October 30,2021

With the fast pace of urbanization and industrialization, factory emissions, construction dust, automobile exhaust, smog abound in the cities. And this is the reason why personal protective equipment gradually enter into our daily life. Let’s have a look at gas filter masks.


Anti dust mask is an essential protective equipment for workers engaged in and exposed to dust. There are many kinds of masks, but most of them applied with composite filter materials. Filter materials could be mainly divided into activated carbon fiber, activated carbon particles, meltblown cloth, non-woven fabric, electrostatic fiber, etc. Of course, there are other special filter materials, which are mainly used to deal with other special toxic gases or radioactive particles.


oem double filter gas mask


Types of gas filter masks


Masks can be classified by available using times, standard of inspection and shape.

According to available using times, it can be divided into disposable anti-dust masks, repeated anti-dust masks and recyclable anti-dust masks.

According to the shape classification, it can be divided into semi-mask type, all-round type, plane type, cup type, duckbill type and so on.

According to the implementation standards, can be classified according to the American NIOSH standard, European EN standard and Chinese GB2626-2006 standard:


Filtering rate≥95%

Filtering rate≥99%

Filtering rate≥99.97%














  • N:Suit for filtering non - oil particulate matter.
  • R:Suitfor filtering oily and non-oily particles, but the time limit for oily particles should not exceed 8 hours work shift.
  • P:Suit for filtering oily and non-oily particulates. Use time for oily particulates as recommended by the manufacturer. 3M recommends no more than 40 hours or 30 days, whichever arrives earlier.


Classified by the shape of gas filter mask, it mainly contains headset 9003, headset 9003V, cup mask with valve 8210V, foldable mask 9001 and the most common 3M anti dust mask.


Tips: how to choose right gas filter masks


It would be a wrong concept that the more expensive or the thicker the masks are better. There is a simple method to check whether your masks are good for you. Try to press your mask tightly on your mouth and nose and then take a deep breath to test its ventilation. If you feel hard to breathe, this mask must be not your MR.right. Wearing a poor ventilating mask has nonsense because you have to inhale air from the gap between your face and the edge of mask which can not protect people from the dust and small particles. Besides that the most simplest way is to clean your nose at night, clean nose means good mask while dirty nose means mask with poor dust resistance.


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