The Difference Between Children's Masks and Adult Masks

April 24,2022

Children's masks and adult masks mainly differ in size, appearance, standard indicators, etc., as follows:


The difference between children's masks and adult masks




✔️Different model size


From the appearance, it is obvious that the adult mask is larger than the children's mask;


✔️Different appearance


The appearance and color of adult masks are generally relatively simple. From the pattern and color of the outer layer of the mask, it can be seen that children's masks are more diverse. These designs are mainly used to increase the attractiveness of children;


✔️Different standard indicators


The ventilation resistance of adult masks is set to be ≤ 49 Pa (Pa). Considering the physiological condition of children and protecting their respiratory system, the ventilation resistance of children's masks is set to be ≤30 Pa (Pa).


To sum up


If a child uses an adult mask, it may result in a loose fit and no protection. Secondly, the material used for children's masks is the best breathable material, because children are young and have poor tolerance to breathing resistance.


Compared with adults, children's breathing strength is far behind. If the breathing resistance is too large, wearing it for a long time will Different degrees of hypoxia can easily affect children's brain and physical health. Therefore, when choosing a children's mask, be sure to choose a special mask for children.