The Reason Why Cup Mask is Shaped

November 29,2021

Cup shape masks are also commonplace in life, and the wearer feels comfortable when using them. Are you curious why this type of mask has a fixed shape?


This is actually related to a material, although we know that non-woven fabric is one of the important materials, we are not talking about non woven face mask today. Well, this article will tell you the answer of the important material.


So let's start.


cup shape mask


What are the inner and outer layers of the cup mask?

At present, cup-shaped masks are generally three-layered. In addition to melt blown cloth, there is also a styling material-needle-punched cotton that few people know. Needle-punched cotton is used in the inner and outer layers of cup-shaped masks, which can play a role in shaping, dust-proofing, and initial filtering.


The cup-shaped mask relies on a pre-molded structural support material needle-punched cotton, which has the advantages of not being easy to collapse and easy to maintain its shape. Although the structure of the cup-shaped mask is simple, it is not easy to use. If it is to be truly effective, it must be used correctly, including the way of wearing it and the shape of the person's face to choose a mask. The cup mask is a kind of mask with very good airtightness. It is suitable for the general public. The size can be made according to the model of the mask manufacturer. It has good dustproof, protective and anti-virus effects.


Cup masks are generally composed of three layers of materials. The materials are:


2 layers of needle-punched cotton, one layer of meltblown cloth, and 2 layers of needle-punched cotton are generally used for the inner and outer layers to block harmful gases, odors, and flying. The role of foam in and out of the wearer's nose and mouth.


Needle-punched cotton has a certain filtering effect on the air entering the lungs. When respiratory infectious diseases are prevalent, when working in dust and other polluted environments, wearing a cup-shaped mask made of needle-punched cotton also has a certain dust blocking effect.


What is needle-punched cotton?

Needle-punched cotton is made of PET fiber through acupuncture process. It has the characteristics of light weight and easy shaping, so it can support the cup-shaped mask well. It is used in n95 cup mask filtering, easy to shape material, and can support N95 cup mask well. Plus, needle-punched cotton can be cut, hot-pressed and punched into different styles, and can be used in different sizes of N95 cup masks. It can be made into an arch shape, which can not only ensure a good fit with the face shape, but also reserve a certain space at the non woven face mask, which is comfortable to wear.


What are the benefits of masks made by needle-punched cotton?

Needle-punched cotton is also a protective filter material, which has the advantages of low resistance, light weight, large capacity, environmental protection (can be burned), and moderate price. Also: filtration, cleaning, strong moisture resistance, stable quality, large dust holding capacity, long service life and so on. It is the core material of cup-shaped masks.


Needle-punched cotton is used as the shaping material for cup-shaped masks, which is more comfortable to wear, breathable and moisture-proof. At the same time, the edge of the mask can better fit the face, forming a closed space, which can block the input of dust and viruses.


Can hot-air cotton be used as a mask?

Yes, the hot-air cotton material can be used to make folding masks. Masks made of hot-air cotton have the following characteristics:

  • Good warmth and protection effect
  • Great flexibility
  • Pondo high
  • Soft texture
  • Good breathability and water permeability


In general, hot-air cotton has the functions of heat preservation, heat insulation, moisture-proof and moisture-proof.


cup shape mask


The difference between cup shape mask and folding mask

Yes, they are usually compared, so it is inevitable that you are entangled between the two. This is completely unnecessary, because you can make a good choice if you know the main difference between them. The cup-type mask has a better fit and tightness to the human face and is not easy to carry; the foldable mask is easy to store and carry.


According to the above tips, I believe you have already made clear the difference between these two masks. It is amazing to know this material! Isn't it?