Thousands Of Dollars For A Mask? Stop Paying The "IQ Tax"

November 27,2021

COVID-19 has repeated, and people have reached a consensus on the importance of wearing masks. But what are the criteria for the selection of mask fabrics, and how to choose a good mask? Is the expensive one really good?


industrial face mask


What is the role of masks?


  • The first is dust prevention, which also includes preventing smog particles such as PM2.5 from entering the respiratory tract;


  • The second is to prevent the spread of respiratory infectious diseases, which can be simply attributed to disease prevention;


  • The third is splash prevention. If medical staff wear masks, they can prevent blood, body fluids and other liquid components from splashing from patients and prevent their faces from being contaminated.


Our common cotton gauze masks, including gauze masks used in the past, pure cotton cloth masks, and some silk masks, etc., not only block dust but also keep warm. As for activated carbon masks, because the adsorption capacity of activated carbon is very good, its main function is also to prevent dust. But these two types of masks have little effect in preventing diseases.


In the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, medical surgical masks are the most commonly used protective equipment and are also recommended by many professionals.


Protective masks are used for medical and industrial purposes. Industrial protective masks are mainly used to prevent dust, and some protective masks are equipped with breathing valves. Regardless of whether there is a breathing valve or not, industrial masks have no effect on the protection of the new crown epidemic, and they are not suitable for preventing respiratory infections. The best preventive effect should be medical protective masks. In addition, medical protective masks must be filter materials containing N95, but not all N95 masks are medical protective masks.


The materials required for medical protective masks include dark non-woven fabric, melt blown non-woven fabric, spun-bonded non-woven fabric, nose bridge strip and elastic ear belt. Dark non-woven fabric and spun-bonded non-woven fabric are used for the outer and inner layers of masks respectively, with good ventilation, water absorption and waterproof; Melt blown non-woven fabric is used as the middle filter layer, which can be used to isolate dust and viruses in the air and prevent them from being inhaled into the mouth and nose; The bridge of the nose and elastic ear band are generally used to fix the mask for everyone to wear.


There are two standards for medical protective masks and medical surgical masks in our country. Medical protective masks use GB19083-2010, and medical surgical masks are industry standard YY0469-2011. To purchase masks, please read the instructions first to see if these two national standards are implemented.


Don't choose the expensive one, choose the right one!


At present, there are some "high-priced" masks on the market, which cost hundreds or even thousands of yuan. Is it necessary to choose "high-priced" masks? How to choose a mask is reasonable?


Experts believe that choosing a mask is not the more expensive the better. “As far as the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia is concerned, choosing a mask must first meet the corresponding national standards. At the same time, you should also choose the one that is suitable for you, including the size and model of the mask. If it is too large or too small, it will not have an effective protective effect."




In general, the most important thing about the choice of masks is to recognize the two standards, choose what is suitable for yourself and wear it correctly.


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