Types of Welding Eye and Face Protective Gear

May 30,2022

The face is the exposed part of the human body, in the production process is vulnerable to various harmful factors, and the eye is the organ that transmits the most amount of information, a person's visual function is good or bad, to maintain a normal life to keep the work order, as well as a healthy psychological state has a profound impact.


eye and face protective gear


Welders in the welding, cutting and other operations in the process of exposure to infrared, ultraviolet light and molten metal liquid, etc., may cause vision loss, cataract, fundus macular degeneration, electrophthalmia, eye burns and other eye injuries, so the correct choice of welding eye and face protection is essential to prevent eye and face injuries of welders! Next we will to introduce how to correctly select facial protective gear.


Types of welding eye and face protective gear


✅Welding goggles


Welding goggles are composed of frame, filter and protection sheet. Filters contain copper, cadmium sulfide and other trace metal compounds, ultraviolet light transmission rate is very low, suitable for welding, cutting and other operations. According to the different welding operations, the filter selection of shading number is different, the choice of shading number see the following table.


✅Welding mask


By the observation window, filter, protection and mask, there are headwear, handheld, half mask type, full mask type and other forms, suitable for welding operations with heat radiation.


✅Safety cap type welding mask


Helmet type welding mask has two kinds of helmet with mask and helmet front hanging glasses, used in construction, shipbuilding and other industries of welding operations.


✅Speciality mask


Special masks are air supply welding masks, air supply welding masks, welding masks with dustproof and anti-toxic masks, etc., which are used for welding operations in various special environments.


✅Light-controlled welding mask


It adopts the principle of photoelectricity, electromechanics and light magnetism, etc. It can automatically adjust the shading state of the filter according to different welding situations, and is suitable for all welding operations.