What Are the Raw Materials of Masks

April 09,2022

For the filter material of a good protective mask, the following three conditions should be met:


  • First, when the mask is in good contact with the user's face, the filtration efficiency is high;


  • Second, the breathing resistance is small;


  • Third, the user feels comfortable;


face mask


What materials are the dust masks made of?


There are many materials for the filter material of dust masks, including ordinary fabrics, animal hair, non-woven fabrics, etc.


The structure of the gauze mask has poor adhesion to the human face. Many small particles that are extremely harmful to us will enter the respiratory tract and the lungs through the gap between the mask and the face. Its filter material is generally some mechanical fabrics. The only way to achieve high dust blocking efficiency is to increase the thickness, and the negative effect of increasing the thickness is to make the user feel that the breathing resistance is large and uncomfortable.


The electrostatically treated non-woven fabric can not only block large dust particles, but also the electrostatic charge attached to its surface can adsorb fine dust through electrostatic attraction to achieve high dust blocking efficiency. The thickness of the filter material is very thin, which greatly reduces the user's breathing resistance and makes users feel comfortable, thus meeting the three necessary conditions for a good filter material that we mentioned earlier.


With a good filter material and a scientifically designed mask structure, a high-efficiency and high-quality mask is formed.