When can I Drive without Wearing a Mask?

December 10,2021

During the COVID-19 pandemic, while you were waiting for the green light, you were sitting in a closed car and saw the insiders of the nearby vehicles wearing masks. This is a good sense of safety protection, and I should also join.


But sometimes, wearing it can cause discomfort to me, for example, my glasses will fog up so that it will block my sight. I know, safety is important, so what should I do? Wear it or not?


Many people believe that driving does not need to wear, after all, in the car. However, this is risky. I will use two situations to analyze when you should wear a mask when driving. Now, look at these situations.


Situation # 1 Driving alone

You don't wear them when you are alone. No matter what purpose you are going out for if you are traveling alone, and your car has not been used by others, or your car has been disinfected before you use it, then no. Yes, the answer is very short, you don't need to wear them.


However, when you need to communicate with others on the way, you must wear it when you interact with people in and outside the car. We cannot predict where the risk comes from.


Some jobs, such as deliveryman, courier, etc., stop many times and need to be worn. After getting in the car, disinfect your hands before wearing them.


Wearing a Mask when delivery



Situation # 2 There are other people in the car beside you

There are many sub-situations, be patient, you may be one of them.


Please wear it. For family members who often live together, we have no worries. Although the risk is low, they have their social situations, so wearing them is still an important step in safety.


You will find that wearing a mask is a good idea. They are not a family member or people who live with you in your car. In addition to wearing a mask, you should steer clear of opening the window or air circulation mode of the air conditioner.


You have a cold but you have companions. Wearing a mask is also a commendable way to protect others, and those who are together with you will appreciate you.


Wearing it at docking stations. This is similar to situation#1. If the mask does not have a great impact on you, you can always wear it to reduce the risk of bacteria contaminating the mask through the hand cloth.


Do you have a social phobia? Many people who are social phobia think that wearing a mask will make them more comfortable in public. No need to cast eyes from a distance.


Wearing a Mask when there are other people



How can I prevent my glasses from fogging up?

Eyewear users have this trouble, which will indeed affect the line of sight. You can refer to this method. Before you start, on the premise of making sure that the mask is worn correctly, fold the upper part of the mask wire inward to make them fit well on the bridge of your nose. You can try to see if it will fog, my effect is very good, and there is no fog. If the operation is improper, it will still fog up, please try a few more times.



By and large, wearing a mask is one of the safest ways. We cannot predict the potential risks. This is good for others and ourselves. But since this may make some drivers feel uncomfortable, you can judge whether you wear it or not based on the situation.


It is not necessary to wear it when driving alone, but it needs to be distinguished. This part has a very detailed explanation in situation#1.


There are other people while driving. In any case, wear a mask, and you need to make sure it is worn correctly. Remember, it shouldn't block your view, the key protective area is your nose and mouth.