Who Invented the Mask

December 07,2021

People never thought that a COVID-19 outbreak this year would make masks a necessity in people's daily lives. Masks gave us a sense of security in this epidemic. But have you ever wondered who invented the mask? How are masks made? I believe you will have a better understanding after reading this article.


Who Invented the Mask?

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The mask was invented by Wu Lien-teh. He was the first person in the world to put forward the concept of pneumonic plague. He not only designed protective masks but also let people use masks to prevent infectious diseases. However, the birth of masks is not a simple process.


There were many diseases in medieval Europe. Renaissance paintings depicted people covering their mouths and noses with handkerchiefs to prevent illness.


In 1720, when the Plague of Marseilles in France was the most severe, about 100,000 people died in the entire city and surrounding areas. At that time, when grave-diggers buried the dead, they had to wrap their faces tightly with a cloth to protect themselves.


Since the plague was spread by fleas on rats, wearing this cloth mask was useless. After 1870, scientists gradually realized the existence of bacteria. With the development of modern microbiology, the original view of "odor-borne diseases" has been gradually abandoned.


In the 1890s, German bacteriologist Carl Flugge proposed that tuberculosis was spread in the air through droplets.


According to his view, in 1897, surgeons put on masks for the first time. In fact, the protective ability of these masks was not strong. Bacteria and virus particles could still enter from the side of the mask. However, the purpose of doctors wearing these masks was not to protect themselves, they were worried that droplets will enter the patient's wound during the operation.


The plague that broke out in Northeast China killed almost every infected person. The most terrible thing was that people didn't even know how the disease spread.


A doctor named Wu Lien-teh was hired to lead the epidemic prevention work. After investigating and studying, he boldly put forward a new point of view. This plague was not spread by fleas, but by air.


Based on this point of view, Wu Lien-teh remembered the surgical masks he had seen in the American operating room, so he used gauze and cotton to make a more durable mask. This invention was an important breakthrough, and the protective ability of masks was greatly enhanced.


Wu Lien-teh's masks have been proven effective in clinical and experimental. At the beginning of 1911, the production of masks increased significantly, successfully preventing the spread of the plague. Wu Lien-teh soon became a hero in international newspapers.


Soon after, in the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, most people wore masks, and masks were further promoted.


After the COVID-19 epidemic, N95 masks once again appeared on the stage of international attention. Thousands of scientists are now studying how to better improve N95 masks. Perhaps in the near future, masks will continue to be upgraded.


Today, masks protect countless ordinary people and medical staff. Only by wearing a proper mask can the effect of preventing virus infection be achieved. If you want to buy China High Quality Silicone half mask or other mask for you and your family, you can contact us. We are a professional and qualified mask manufacturer.


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