Why Should you Wear Masks?

January 19,2022

As many countries begin to unblock, masks may become part of daily life in the future.


Just a few months ago, people in many countries did not have the habit of wearing masks. If you wear masks in public places, you will attract many surprised eyes. Now, wearing a mask has become a sign of this special period. More and more people are choosing to wear masks in public places as governments around the world begin to ease their lockdowns.


How the Virus Spreads in General


After the virus infects a person, it invades human cells and begins to replicate itself. During replication, new viral particles emerge from cells, suspended in bodily fluids in the lungs, mouth, and nose. When an infected person coughs, they spray tiny virus-laden droplets into the air.


A single cough can produce up to 3,000 droplets. And just talking can spread the virus. Just uttering the words "stay healthy" can spray thousands of droplets into the air, according to a recent study.


Do you Need to Continue Wearing a Mask in the Future?



Especially in public places, crowded areas, and closed places, you need to keep wearing a mask all the time. The role of masks is not only used to prevent viruses, but also urban environmental pollutants.


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