Why the Mask Expire and How to Avoid It?

December 07,2021

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There are many types of face protection for COVID-19, such as a respirator, N95, disposable mask, cone mask, folding mask, etc. As a mask manufacturer, we talked a lot about protection for your health, so will these perfect protection equipment expire after a long time of unused?


When the epidemic begins, masks or face masks have become rare and essential items that everyone is long for. Some people who get lots of them are so lucky that they can use them for a long time.


Now let's face it.


Will the mask expire?

My answer is YES. Let's face it bravely, most disposable N95 respirators have a shelf life, which is also related to their storage conditions.


Why does the mask expire?

Masks are also time-effective and will be scrapped after a certain period. There are two main reasons, time and storage conditions.



Regardless of the material of the mask or respirator, the components of the mask will degrade over time, affecting its function. The longer you store them, the mask parts binding bands and filter membranes, and other components may age, which will affect the quality of the matching seal with the face. Different types of respirators, filter media, other materials used, and manufacturing dates have different expiration dates.


Storage conditions

Storage conditions are also a key factor affecting shelf life. The following two points should be noted when storing:

  • Always keep the respirators in their original packaging; replacing them is like storing opened potato chips in a fresh-keeping bag, don't try to replace their bag if you don't use it.
  • The place where the respirator is stored should be far away from polluted areas, direct sunlight, dust, extreme temperature, high humidity, and harmful chemicals. This will definitely affect the objects. Perhaps, you have the wrong idea that everything will be worry-free if they are in the original package. And in summer, the indoor temperature is easy to soar. Maybe your mask is quickly losing its effectiveness because of the overheated storage environment.


If you want them not to expire so quickly, you must pay attention to these two points. Normally, there will be instructions on the packaging:

  • N95 mask: 5 years
  • Medical masks: 3 years
  • General mask: 3 years
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The above data is for reference only, it is recommended that you check the mask packaging bag you purchased. In addition, you can buy according to your needs and you can stock up, but not too much. Now I am curious about what shape of mask would you buy for your daily protection?


For me, I prefer to wear a cone mask. Compared with ordinary folding masks, it fits my cheeks and keep my breathing smooth. The vertical seam in the middle obtains a "pull up effect", which is similar to a bra that protects a girl's chest. The cone mask also allows me to breathe smoothly.


When the cone mask is used for experiment operators, it adds the exhaust gas discharge function based on the traditional mask, and it is directly absorbed by the gas filter tank. It has two notable features:

  • Small size, does not hinder the head, ophthalmology, and other related experimental operations;
  • The exhaust gas will hardly leak from the mask, which effectively protects the experiment operator and the experiment environment.


Final thought

It is commonplace for masks to expire. Paying attention to the storage time on the packaging bag and the correct storage method can alleviate the troubles. Plus, we know the benefits of cone masks. Maybe you have already been touched by its benefits. I have to say that investing in them is a choice you won't regret. You can consider and adopt the recommendations of our mask experts for different usage scenarios. We have provided safety and professional guidance for many industries and personal protection. You can get in touch with us through any of the contact methods at the bottom.


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