Why you Need to Wear Masks

December 08,2021

Can wearing a mask completely prevent you from being infected with the new coronavirus? the answer is negative. But this cannot be an excuse for not wearing a mask. At present, during the severe COVID-19 epidemic, some people still think that there is no need to wear masks.


If you still don't realize the importance of masks, you can try to spend a few minutes reading this article carefully. I believe that after you read it, you will change your mind.


Before understanding the importance of masks, you must first know how COVID-19 is spread.


Known ways of transmission of the new coronavirus


1️⃣ Respiratory droplet spread


The droplet propagation distance will not be very long, usually not more than 2 meters. Droplets with a diameter greater than 5 microns will settle quickly. If the distance is too close, the droplets will fall on the mucous membrane of the other party through coughing, talking and other behaviors, so it is necessary to maintain social distance between you and others.


2️⃣ Contact spread


That is, if the hands are accidentally contaminated with the virus, rubbing the eyes may cause infection. So you need to wear a mask and wash your hands frequently. This is also very helpful in reducing transmission and reducing the risk of personal infection.


The Importance of Wearing a Mask during the Epidemic

The Importance of Wearing Face Masks


Because one of the ways of transmission of the new coronavirus is droplet transmission, masks can not only prevent contact with virus carriers from spraying droplets, reduce the amount and speed of droplets, but also block virus-containing droplets to prevent the wearer from inhaling. Because wearing a mask is an effective measure to protect against the new coronavirus, we must wear a mask when we need to go out.


Since the COVID-19 virus mostly infects people through mucous membranes, and the mouth and nose are also the most easily infected areas, the role of masks is particularly important. Regular masks and scientific wearing methods can isolate most of the viruses to a certain extent. But you should also pay attention to related protections to reduce the risk of infection.


Experimental data show that compared with not wearing a mask, the infection rate of wearing a mask can be reduced by as little as 1.5%. I think this is the true meaning of a mask under the new crown epidemic.


A mask cannot prevent you from being infected, but it can reduce the chance that the public will not be infected. When you wear a mask, you are not only protecting yourself, but also protecting others as well as your family.


In addition, for ordinary people, washing hands is as important as wearing a mask, and sometimes it may even be more important than wearing a mask. During the epidemic, you should maintain hand hygiene at all times and reduce exposure to public goods and parts in public places.


Finally, masks can play a good protective effect against the new coronavirus. Especially during the epidemic, disposable medical surgical masks and N95 masks have become essential protective equipment for people. Therefore, the importance of masks to people in the environment of a pandemic is self-evident. To avoid infection, you should wear a mask scientifically when you go out.


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