Will Wearing a Face Mask Affect Our Health?

December 11,2021

In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic and protect our safety, masks have become a necessity in our lives. However, some side effects always occur frequently. Some people wearing masks may cause face allergies, while others may even experience symptoms of chest tightness and dizziness. So, will wearing masks for a long time affect our health? Will it affect our cardiopulmonary function? Keep reading!


face mask


Does wearing a mask pose any health risks?


The most obvious effect of wearing a mask for a long time is that the increased resistance to inhalation and exhalation reduces the amount of air exchange. We feel that we need to "inhale harder" to maintain normal airflow. Insufficient blood oxygen content and elevated carbon dioxide partial pressure caused by poor breathing are the main reasons why we feel breathing difficulties, dizziness, headaches, and fatigue.


The cardiopulmonary function of the human body is a combination of the pumping function of the human heart and the gas exchange capacity of the lungs, including the blood circulation function of the human body, the strength of the heart pumping ability, and the capacity and function of the lungs. Due to the short time and thin masks, ordinary people wear masks for self-protection in their daily lives, they will not have a significant impact on cardiopulmonary function. Especially for people with normal cardiopulmonary function, the body's adaptive compensation mechanism will gradually make people adapt to discomfort. However, for people with poor cardiopulmonary function, the impact will be greater because it is difficult for the body to regulate the burden caused by the decrease in blood oxygen content.


How to improve cardiopulmonary function?


Therefore, in our daily life, we need to adjust from two aspects:


✔️We need to self-check whether the cardiopulmonary function is good, or whether there are bad living habits, or whether we have high blood pressure, heart disease, or whether we have symptoms such as asthma. If you find that you have a poor cardiopulmonary function, you should improve your lifestyle and physical fitness by adhering to proper aerobic exercise and changing your daily routine.


✔️Wear a mask correctly and reasonably. It is usually not necessary to wear N95 masks in daily life, just medical surgical masks. Except in public places and crowded indoors, we can hardly wear masks outdoors and in offices. Especially when exercising, you must take off your mask to avoid hypoxia.


Non-special workers (such as medical and epidemic prevention workers), after wearing a mask for 30 minutes to 1 hour, or when they have symptoms of suffocation and dizziness, should take off the mask in no-man’s area for relief.


All in all, wearing a mask for a long time will still bring a certain "negative effect" while self-protecting. In addition to hypoxia, there are also skin allergies and excessive skin friction. Therefore, the time and place to wear the mask should be adjusted, especially in the summer season, it is not easy to wear the mask for too long, and the mask can be taken off during outdoor activities.


At the same time, adhere to good living habits, strengthen exercise by improving physical fitness. To a certain extent, these methods can avoid harm to cardiopulmonary function. If you have more questions or doubts, no matter where and when we are glad to serve you.


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