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October 15,2021

Today, let's talk about FFP2 face respirator.




FFP2 masks refer to those that meet the European standard (ceen149:2001). The European standard for protective masks is divided into three levels: ffp1, FFP2 and ffp3. Different from the American Standard, its detection flow adopts 95L / min and DOP oil is used for dust generation.






  • Personal protective articles designed to prevent or reduce dust in the air from entering human respiratory organs, so as to protect life safety;


  • Material: the anti particle mask is mostly composed of two layers of non-woven fabrics inside and outside, and a layer of filter cloth (melt blown cloth) in the middle;


  • Filtration principle: the filtration of fine dust mainly depends on the filter cloth in the middle. Because the melt blown cloth has the characteristics of static electricity, it can adsorb small particles. Since the fine dust is adsorbed on the filter element, and the filter element is electrostatic and cannot be washed with water, the self-priming filter anti particulate respirator needs to replace the filter element regularly;


  • Note: the international requirements for the use of anti particulate masks are quite strict. Anti particulate masks belong to the first grade in personal protective articles, higher than ear muffs and protective glasses. The more authoritative testing certification includes CE certification in Europe and NIOSH certification in the United States, while Chinese standards are similar to NIOSH certification in the United States;


  • Protection object: the protection object is divided into KP and kn. The so-called KP can protect oily and non oily particles, while kn can only protect non oily particles;


  • Protection grade: China's protection grade is divided into kp100, kp95, kp90 and kn100, kn95, Kn90. Among them, kp100 and kn100 have the highest filtration efficiency, and the national standard requirements are greater than 99.97%, so they are also the highest for use safety.


Selection method


1️⃣The dust prevention efficiency of the mask should be high. The dust blocking principle of a general gauze mask is mechanical filtration, that is, when the dust collides with the gauze, some large particles of dust are blocked in the gauze through layers of barrier. However, fine dust is especially less than 5 μm dust will pass through the mesh of gauze and enter the respiratory system. There are some anti-particulate masks on the market. The filter material is composed of fibers charged with permanent static electricity. Those respirable dust less than 5 μm will be attracted by static electricity and adsorbed on the filter material during the process of passing through this filter material. It really plays a role of dust blocking.


2️⃣The closeness of the mask to the shape of the face is better. When the mask is not close to the face, the dust in the air will enter the respiratory tract from the gaps around the mask. Therefore, people should choose an anti-particle mask that suits their face shape and wear an anti-particle mask correctly.


3️⃣Wear comfortably, including small respiratory resistance, light weight, hygienic wear and convenient maintenance.


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Is wearing a mask really useful?


The answer is no doubt: it really works!


Whether from the perspective of epidemiology or clinical research, there is a lot of evidence that wearing masks correctly can effectively prevent the spread of the virus.


It was published in the International Journal of infectious diseases in 2008. A clinical study concluded that masks can effectively prevent the spread of the virus when used correctly. If children with influenza at home can use masks correctly, the possibility of their families being diagnosed with the virus is reduced by 80%.


Another study published in the annals of Internal Medicine reported similar results. The researchers investigated 400 influenza patients. They found that if the families of these patients often washed their hands and wore surgical masks, the risk of influenza was reduced by 70%.


However, the researchers also found that using masks alone without washing hands often did not reduce the risk. Therefore, wearing masks and washing hands frequently should be carried out at the same time, both of which are indispensable.


How to wear a mask correctly?


Not as long as you put on a mask, you can worry free and stay away from the virus. The correct wearing method recommended by the health and epidemic prevention center of the Hong Kong Department of health should be divided into five steps: selection - washing - Confirmation - Mask - paste.


Choice: choose a mask of appropriate size for your face size;


Washing: clean hands before wearing masks;


Confirmation: confirm the integrity of the mask, front and back sides and up and down directions. For example, the colored side should be outward, and the side with metal strip should be upward;


Cover: the nose, mouth and chin shall be tightly covered;


Sticking: those with metal strips shall be pressed by hand along both sides of the nose bridge to ensure tightness.