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November 05,2021

The main function of the gas mask is the high quality oem actived carbon cartridge, which filters out harmful gases and protects the safety of people's mouth and nose. This article introduces you to the relevant information of activated carbon, including the expiration date, the principle of 3M gas mask, and some important issues.


We all know that the activated carbon of the gas mask has a specific volume rate. Although you wholesale China High Quality oem actived carbon cartridge, it needs to be replaced in time after it has been used for a long time.


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How often is the activated carbon of the gas mask replaced?

If the gas mask canister is not used and unopened, the shelf life is generally 10 years. Once opened, the life expectancy will be much reduced. If it is actually used, the service life of the activated carbon of the anti-gas mask canister is determined by the concentration and time of the poisonous gas. If the gas concentration is 10 and the poisonous gas concentration is 1, the environment is the same for 5 minutes, then the consumption of activated carbon It is basically a 10 to 1 relationship. Therefore, how often does the activated carbon of the gas mask be replaced? There is no specific time. During use, if you feel that the breathing resistance is large and there is a peculiar smell, then it means that you need to replace the canister.


What is the principle of 3M gas mask activated carbon?

The greatest effect of 3M gas mask activated carbon lies in its ability to decompose various toxic gases. It can also be expressed as the constant decomposition of certain adsorbent related substances. To achieve this effect, the activated carbon used in the gas mask must be Relevant standards are reached, so the use of activated carbon in gas masks is to use the adsorption of activated carbon.


Can 3M gas masks only be replaced with activated carbon?

No, it is necessary to replace the entire filter element, because it is not only the components of activated carbon, but also many other filter materials are added to the professional models, which cannot be replaced individually. Moreover, after opening the filter element, the overall sealing performance will also be affected, and the whole need to be replaced.


3M gas mask replacement cycle of activated carbon?

The adsorption capacity of activated carbon is limited, and most activated carbon may be saturated when exposed to the air for more than ten hours, which is calculated according to the concentration of harmful gases in the working environment. When the adsorption aperture is full of harmful gas molecules, it no longer has any adsorption capacity, thus losing the role of purifying the air.


We can expose the activated carbon to sunlight to allow harmful substances and moisture to escape and extend the use time. Our actived carbon cartridge supplier,manufacturer,factory recommends you to change the filter element at most once every 3 months under the condition of frequent exposure or high temperature to restore the carbon activity. If you are looking for activated carbon filters, you can check our website(www.xiamenrespirator.com) to find them. Some products may be hidden, you can directly contact our experts. πŸ’Œsales@chinarespirator.com or call us at (0086-592-6894445).