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November 05,2021

Gas masks with high quality oem chemical gas filters are essential for those who need to come into contact with some toxic substances, but many people are too bothered to wear a mask during working, which often leads to the occurrence of related diseases. Therefore, it is indispensable to wear a gas mask. We will introduce the groups who need to wear masks.


High Quality oem chemical gas filter


Spray paint for car


Because of the increasing demand for car color, the car beauty industry is now also getting into spray paint. But some car repair shops to spray paint workers to provide equipment is not very complete, which is a very big health hazard for spray paint workers. Because car paint contains many harmful substances. So it is very necessary to remind the spray-paint workers to wear gas masks with high quality oem chemical gas filter.


Farmers(especially orchard workers)


For many farmers, gas masks with high quality oem chemical gas filter are even considered too pretentious to wear, or too expensive to buy. Some people even have gas masks with high quality oem chemical gas filter at home when spraying pesticides will not take the initiative to wear, feel bad. The high rate of cancer in many rural areas is also related to such bad habits. Pesticide, especially fruit tree pesticide spraying, falling on people or breathing in the pesticide poison is very much, over time, will cause great harm to the body.


Furniture upholster


It is necessary for furniture upholsters to buy a gas mask with high quality oem chemical gas filter which is suitable for their environment since this industry will face a variety of paint where air pollution is very strong. If you overlook the terrible potential you will have serious "occupational disease".


What’s high quality chemical gas filter?


It refers to an important part of gas masks, a key part related to whether the gas masks works or not. Chemical gas filter should filter gasoloid for poisonous gas thus prevent poisonous vapor, smoke and dust mainly by activated carbon and multilayer glass fibre. The chemical gas filter could be generally divided into two parts: adsorption layer and filter layer. Adsorption layer is generally used to carry catalysts or chemical activated carbon, mainly used to absorb toxic steam.

Furthermore chemical gas filters have their service time so if beyond the service time they doesn’t work. so when we use gas masks with a chemical gas filter we must make sure it is within the shelf life.


Tips :


  1. When the boiling point of the contaminant is below 65 degrees Celsius, the filter box needs to be updated daily.
  2. Even if the pollutants absorbed by the filter box belong to organic solvents with low volatility, it is still suggested to replace your chemical gas filter scientifically, so as to ensure the safety and health of personnel.
  3. And before using the chemical gas filter, pay attention to whether the filter box is within the shelf life, do not use the filter box beyond the shelf life.
  4. To record the time once you opened it and seal it until the next using time.
  5. Prolonged exposure to low concentrations of fumigant and accidental exposure to high concentrations of fumigant should immediately discard the cartridge. If you feel toxic or irritating smell in the process of use, stop using immediately, leave the toxic gas area, and replace the box with a new one.

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