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October 15,2021

How to choose a disposable face mask correctly? During the epidemic, masks have become a necessity for everyone. It protects us from viruses. Besides, there are some other usages to wear face mask, in the process of choosing face mask that meets your needs, the following content you should know.



disposable face mask



The classifications of disposable face mask


Masks are classified into the following categories according to their functions:


  • Ordinary masks: such as cotton masks, activated carbon masks, gauze masks, etc., which can be used to prevent freezing, dust, and partly from smog, but cannot be used to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses;


  • Ordinary medical masks: the protection is lower than that of medical surgical masks, and can be used in non-intensive people;


  • Medical surgical masks: The protective effect is much better than ordinary types. They are used more in hospitals, especially used in respiratory and surgical operations to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria;


  • N95 masks: N95 in China's standard is KN95. N95 masks are more reliable in preventing smog. The main component of smog is PM2.5, which is non-oily particulate matter. At the same time, it can be used to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. It is the daily mask with the highest level of protection that can be bought.


How to wear a disposable face mask correctly?



disposable face mask



  • First of all, if conditions permit, wash your hands before wearing a mask.


  • Regardless of whether it is a disposable mask or a cotton mask or other masks, there are front and back sides. For disposable masks, the darker side is the front, and the lighter side faces your face.


  • There will be a built-in metal strip on one long side of the mask. One end of the metal strip is the upper end of the mask. Remember not to wear it upside down.


  • Hang the ropes at both ends on the ears, and press the metal strips on both sides of the bridge of the nose with both hands to make the upper end of the mask close to the bridge of the nose.


  • Finally, stretch the mask downwards until it covers the nose, mouth and jaw.


How to take off the disposable face mask correctly?


Wash your hands before taking off the mask. When taking off a strap-on mask, you should first untie the strap at the back of the neck, and then untie the strap at the top; when taking off the ear-hanging mask, remove the elastic band of the mask from both ears, and avoid it as much as possible touching the outward part of the mask, as this part may have been infected with germs. Dispose of the removed mask in a trash can, and then wash your hands immediately.


Common misunderstandings of wearing disposable face masks:


πŸ“ŒReplace every 4~8 hours


Many people use disposable masks repeatedly, or wear one mask all day. In fact, the end of the mask in contact with the air will get a lot of dust, so it is best to change it every 4-8 hours.


πŸ“ŒNot the thicker the better


Masks are used to isolate dust and avoid respiratory infections, but it is not as thick as possible, as long as it has a better shielding effect.


πŸ“ŒRemove the mask when coughing or sneezing


When coughing or sneezing, the exhaled heat and saliva will wet the mask and reduce the protective function of blocking germs. Therefore, it is best not to wear a mask when sneezing or coughing.


πŸ“ŒUse less or no colorful masks


Most of the masks with bright colors or printed patterns have chemical fiber components, which are easy to irritate the nasal cavity and bronchi. Therefore, it is best to choose colorless, odorless, and breathable cotton masks.


πŸ“ŒCleaning the mask


If it is not a disposable mask, it is best to clean and replace it every day. The removed mask is packed in a clean bag to prevent dust particles or bacteria from sticking to it. When cleaning the mask, you can soak it in boiling water for a few minutes, and then place it in the sun to dry to achieve the effect of disinfection and sterilization.


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