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October 15,2021

What is disposable filter?

Normally, disposable filter masks are made of paper (with static electricity, adsorbing particles in the air) and can only be used once, and it is not recommended to reuse them multiple times.


Filter Construction

These disposable filters include a layer of activated carbon that can absorb a variety of gases and vapors, including exhaust fumes when riding a bicycle and vapors from traffic.


The other layers of the filter capture particles up to 2.5 microns in size, such as car and diesel exhaust particles, and airborne respiratory droplets that carry the COVID-19 coronavirus when coughing or sneezing.


disposable filter


What type of masks need to have a particulate filter efficiency PFE indicator?

Those masks that are used to filter suspended particulates in the air (such as bacteria, viruses, dust, welding fumes, etc.) to reduce the inhalation of these pathogenic or harmful particulates from the respiratory tract have particulate filtration efficiency indicators. However, the filtering effect of particulate protective masks on airborne particulates must rely on the unique close structure design of protective masks. Because the suspended particles in the air are extremely small and invisible to the naked eye, they will flow freely with the air.


The mask is not designed to fit closely to the wearer's face, the high-efficiency filter material in the mask will not work, and particulate matter will easily leak into the mask from any leaking gaps on the mask along with the airflow. Therefore, when discussing the particle filtration efficiency of masks, there should be requirements for the adhesion of the masks at the same time.


According to China's national standards for particulate protective masks, very harsh conditions are used when testing filtration efficiency in the laboratory. This includes selecting a test air flow rate of 85 liters per minute, which corresponds to the peak level of inhalation of adults under moderate labor intensity. [4], it is necessary to use all kinds of filter materials that are the most difficult to filter with non-static particles with an aerodynamic particle size of about 0.3 microns, and continue to load the filter cotton with particles for investigation. For KN95-level protective masks, the filtration efficiency should be at least 95%; not only that, but also to detect the overall leakage level of the protective mask when worn by a real person and simulating physical activity.


What is FE (bacterial filtration efficiency)?

BFE (Bacteria Filtration Efficiency) refers to the barrier effect of mask materials on the bacteria produced by the wearer. It is mainly used for medical surgical masks and disposable medical masks. Such products may be labeled BFE on the packaging.


Disposable medical masks and medical surgical masks are mostly used to block droplets of bacteria exhaled or sprayed from the wearer’s nose and mouth to protect the environment and the surrounding population. The most typical application is to allow people who may have respiratory infections or diagnosed patients (such as Tuberculosis, flu, etc.) wearing disposable medical masks can help reduce the pollution of the environment and infect others by the droplets of pathogenic bacteria or viruses exhaled by patients; and doctors must wear medical surgical masks during surgical operations, so that Surgical wounds will not be infected by the bacteria-carrying droplets expelled by the doctor's words and breathing, so the doctor does this to protect the patient.


In the BFE test conducted by the laboratory in accordance with the relevant product standards, it is necessary to use the bacterial culture solution to produce a large droplet spray to simulate human droplets, and spray the mask material at a flow rate of 28.3 liters per minute, and then test the mask material The interception effect usually requires at least 95% of the BFE.


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