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October 16,2021

In our daily life, the highest use rate of respiratory protection products is dust proof face mask, especially in the haze time. If you commute to work without a dust mask, you will have dust in your mouth and nose at the end of the day. Over time, it can also damage our respiratory system. Therefore, it is particularly important to wear dust masks.


dust proof face mask


Here are five questions you need to know before choosing dust proof face mask


The difference between levels of mask protection


FFP stands for European standard, KN/KP stands for Chinese standard, and N/P/R stands for American standard. The number after the letter represents the protection level of the mask: the higher the number, the higher the protection level.


The difference between breathing valves and non-breathing valves


Dust proof face masks with breathing valves are relatively easy to breathe out of the mask effectively; Valveless respirator masks are relatively difficult to breathe, relatively cheap and suitable for short periods of time.


Therefore we recommend dust proof face masks with breathing valves. When inhaling, the exhalation valve closes automatically to prevent harmful substances. When exhaling, the valve disc is opened to discharge moisture and hot air, reducing the exhalation resistance, reducing the sultry feeling and bacteria bred by humidity and hot air, breathing more smoothly and wearing more comfortable.


What is the role of activated charcoal in masks?


Activated carbon masks mainly have the functions of anti-virus, deodorant, bacteria filtering and dust blocking. It is especially suitable for the application of irritating gases such as organic gas, acid volatiles, pesticides, SO2 and Cl2. It can also effectively block the air benzene, ammonia, formaldehyde, odor, odor and other harmful gases, more powerful than ordinary masks, for harmful gas filtering effect is tens of times of ordinary masks.


The difference between mask styles


The style determines how much breathing space you have when wearing a mask. In general, bowl type > folding type > net cover type.


Different way to wear masks


The way of wearing determines the time and comfort of wearing. In general, the head-wearing style is comfortable and suitable for long-term wearing. Ear wear features is convenient and suitable for short time wearing.


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