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October 15,2021

Filter adapters are designed to fit between the filtering funnel and flask. For use with Buchner funnels, Grooch crucibles, filter tubes, etc. It can be used individually or nesting with adjacent sizes. Eliminates the boring of rubber stoppers and the difficulties of inserting and removing glass stems in stoppers. For neoprene, it can withstand autoclaving. Available as a set or individually.   


Sterile filter Adapter for sterile connection of spikeable containers to a CliniMACS Prodigy® Tubing Set. Sterile and non-pyrogenic fluid path. One package unit contains five pieces of sealed sterile filter adapters for single use.



High Quality oem filter adapter





In order to be able to connect a filter and a filtering flask together, a rubber sleeve is required which protects both glass parts from damage on the one hand and connects them gas-tight on the other hand. This gas tightness is required to perform a vacuum filtration.


  • lFor tight closure in vacuum filtration applications
  • lFor filter crucibles


About this item:


  • Appliance:Chemical,scientific research experiment,medicine research, for decompression and filtration, use with filter bottles and filter paper.


  • Made of premium Rubber with good elasticity, smooth surface and hardwearing


  • Applied singly or nested with adjacent sizes, reducing the risks associated with insertion and removal of glass stems through these rubber stoppers.


  • Resistance to Chemical Action; Resistance to acids and alkalies is excellent, except for hydrofluoric .


  • Thermal Shock Resistance - average coefficient of expansion from 20° C to 200° C is 3.56 x 10-5, Gradually increasing to 4.69 x 10-5 at 1050°C, Glaze - No softening occurs up to 1000°C.





  • Premium Quality Rubber; Ceramics

📌Overall Size

  • Top Diameter: 17/23/29/35mm and other sizes
  • Buttom Diameter: 10/15/20/21mm and other sizes

📌Buchner Funnel Size: (Approx. )

  • Diameter: 40mm/1.57 ; Height: 65mm/2.56


Do you know why filter adapters should be chosen carefully?


Filtration is an interesting method of sterilization in the laboratory. This is the only way to separate by force instead of killing. When you filter a liquid or gas, it passes through a pore, preventing or filtering out the passage of larger particles. Filtration depends on the pore size, the smaller the pore size, the more particles it can filter out, but it also requires more energy to force the liquid through it. The pore size can be as small as 0.01 μm (μm = micrometer), which is small enough to prevent viruses from passing through, but smaller proteins can still pass through. There are even very small filters, called nano filters, which can block viruses, proteins and some toxins.


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