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November 05,2021

There are many kinds of gas masks. Half face gas mask is one of them. It is a safety protection article to protect the human body during special work. The mask is closely fitted with the human face, so as to effectively isolate the contact between the toxic environment and the respiratory tract. It has a very wide range of applications. Because of its importance, what should be paid attention to in use. Let's take a look.


filter type half mask


Use requirements


Before using the half face gas mask, we must ensure that it can be used normally, check whether the mask and accessories are damaged, and if so, we should replace them in time. There are the following steps to check the mask.


First, we should check whether all rubber and plastic parts have aging and cracks, and ensure that the sealing department of the face cannot be deformed.


Second, check whether the inspiratory valve and expiratory valve are aging, deformed or broken.


Finally, we should check whether the headband is intact and whether the elasticity of the headband is good. The parts are damaged. If there is any damage, replace them in time.




According to the protection principle, the half face gas mask can be divided into filter type half face gas mask and isolation half face gas mask.


  1. Filter type half face gas mask. It is composed of a mask and a poison filter tank (or filter element). The mask comprises a cover body, an eye window, a talker, a breathing valve, a headband (or helmet), etc. The poison filter tank is used to purify the poisoned air. It is equipped with a smoke filter layer and a sorbent. The two materials can also be mixed into a filter plate and assembled into a filter element. The lighter (about 200g) poison filter tank or filter element can be directly connected to the mask, and the heavier poison filter tank is connected to the mask through the air duct.


  1. Isolation half face gas mask. Oxygen is provided by the mask itself, which is divided into three types: gas storage type, oxygen storage type and student oxygen type. The isolated mask is mainly used in high concentration toxic air (when the volume concentration is greater than 1%), or in special occasions such as hypoxia, high altitude, underwater or closed cabin.


In addition to the above two kinds of gas masks, many countries are also equipped with various special gas masks. The utility model is formed by replacing the sorbent in the filter tank or improving the local structure on the basis of the filter gas mask. Modern gas masks can effectively defend against poisons, biological warfare agents and radioactive dust that may appear on the battlefield. Some of its weight has been reduced to about 0.6kg and can be worn for more than 8 hours. After wearing the gas mask, it can also use optical, communication equipment and weapons and equipment more conveniently.


After using the half face gas mask, it must be cleaned, not only to ensure hygiene, but also to prolong the service life and facilitate the next use. With the rapid development of special industries, the application of half face gas mask is becoming more and more extensive. At the same time, the application requirements of half face gas mask have also attracted extensive attention.


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