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October 16,2021

The correct gas mask can have an important impact in harsh environments, such as severe fires, air pollution, epidemics, etc. You can get relevant information about their working principles and types in this article.


How gas mask particulate filter work


wholesale China High Quality oem gas mask particulate filter supplier,manufacturerwholesale,factory


The following three methods are used to prevent particles from entering the nasal cavity and oral cavity.


Activated carbon is used frequently, and it is good at catching some particles. When the countless bonding points of your gas filter are filled with these particles, you need to replace them immediately because they have started to stop working.

Particle filtration (the easiest way to work)

Anyone can do it this way. When you participate in a fire drill held by the school, we are required to cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel to prevent particles from entering the lungs through the mouth and nose. This is actually a temporary simple gas mask particulate filter.

Neutralize and counteract chemical reactions between chemical substances

The masks used by the military during the war can neutralize chemical substances (see Chlorine in the First World War). Now in the industrial respirator, please choose the particle filter according to the chemical substance that needs to be removed.


Types of respirators and gas masks

Air purification and air intake

The air purifier only filters the outside air when inhaling. The air supply comes from a gas tank called SCBA used by professional firefighters and the HAZMAT team.


Form factor

Does it cover half of your face, it's a complete hood, etc.

Passive and dynamic

Passive means that the breathing movement draws air through the filter. Electric respirators use batteries and fans to inhale air to make breathing easier. However, it doesn't work without motivation, so ignore the type of motivation.


Protection from threats. From spray paints and sawdust to illness and sedimentation.

Disposable half face respirator

We specialize in various forms of passive air purification respirators (APRs).

Half mask respirator

Filter mask respirator (disposable N95)

Full face respirator

Powered Air Purification Respirator (PAPR), disqualified due to power requirements

Who should I trust when buying?

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