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November 05,2021

With the explosion of COVID-19, there are more and more people wearing gas masks which makes people to take the masks serious again. But most of us are lack understanding about our face masks especially in the types of gas masks and the inside cartridge filter. Today we are going to deep into high quality oem cartridge filter.


High Quality oem gas cartridge filter 


Types of gas masks


Gas mask can be mainly divided into gas mask with cartridge filter and gas respirator. And gas mask with cartridge filter can further be divided into full gas mask and half gas mask while gas respirator can be divided into gas respirator with air carrier, oxygen producer by chemical reaction and oxygen carrier.


Preparation before wearing


  1. To check the mask whether hascracks and cracks or not before using it, and make sure the mask fits well with your face.
  2. To check whether the exhalation valve plate is deformed, cracked.
  3. To check whether the headband has elasticity or not.
  4. To check whether the sealing ring of the cartridge holder is intactor not
  5. To check whether the gas cartridge filter is within its shelf life or not.


The introduction of wearing gas masks


  1. To Place the mask over your nose and mouth, then pull the headband over your head.
  2. To use both hands to pull the lower headband toward the back of your neck, then lock it.
  3. To check carefully the tightness of the connection part and the air valve and suction valve, and put the mask in a clean place and seal it for next use.


How to test the leakproofness of high quality gas masks


Test 1: to cover the exhalation mouth with the palm and breathe out slowly. If there is some pressure on the face, but no air leaks from the face and mask, it means that the wearer has good tightness. If there is leakage between face and mask, re-adjust the headband and mask to eliminate air leakage.


Test 2: to cover the connector of the cartridge holder with the palm of your hand and breathe in slowly. If you feel difficulty in breathing, it means that the mask has good tightness. If you feel that you can breathe in air, you need to adjust the position of the mask and adjust the tightness of the headband to eliminate air leakage.




High quality oem gas cartridge filter


To screw on the upper nut cap of the canister after using, and plug the rubber plug before storage, to avoid internal damp.


The canisters should be stored in a dry, clean, well-ventilated warehouse environment to prevent dampness and overheating. The validity period is 5 years. After 5 years, the canisters should be re-identified.


There are three types of canisters: large, medium and small, which are suitable for the occasions where the gas concentration is not more than 2%, 1% and 0.5% by volume respectively. When the concentration is less than 0.3%, a poison filter box can also be used.


High quality oem gas filter box


To clean or wipe clean after using, and then sealed preservation: because the activated carbon filter box in the air will absorb other odor or gas, thus affecting the service life of the filter box. And the filter box in 3 months after opening, whether used or not, it is recommended to replace the new filter box.


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