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November 05,2021

When it comes to P3 particulate filter, most people will put forward a question that what’s the standard of filter. There are so many kinds of filters sold on the market which could be mainly divided into particulate filter, gas or vapour filter and combined filter having the ability to filter both particle and gases. Let’s have a look at filters so as to buy right filters.


Choosing the correct filter type is a critical aspect in the RPE selection process. Use of the incorrect filter such as a particulate filter for protection against vapours will result in no protection being given and the equipment will be completely ineffective. There are 3 main filter types: particulate filter (P sign and filtration efficiency number 1, 2 or 3).


High Quality oem p3 particulate filter


Types of filters


As we mentioned above, filters could be mainly divided into particulate filter, gas or vapour filter and combined filter. Particulate filter can be used to filter relative small particle created during mechanical engineering such as grinding, cutting, grinding, drilling, sawing or sub-micron heat generated particles, such as welding smoke, fertilizer and bushfire smoke such as bioactive airborne particles for specific infection control applications, e.g. viruses, bacteria, COVID-19, SARS.


Classes of particulate filters


Particulate filters are divided into three classes:

  • P1=low efficiency filters
  • P2=medium efficiency filters
  • P3=high efficiency filters


Classes of gas or vapour filters


Gas/Vapour filters are also divided into three classes:

  • A1/B1 = low capacity filter
  • A2/B2 = medium capacity filters
  • A3/B3 = high capacity filters


These are then further divided according to the gases they protect against. Filters can also be combined or multi type; for further information refer to IS EN 133 Respiratory Protective Devices-Classification. The manufacturer’s recommendations should be followed on replacement of filters.


Protection factors


A respiratory protective device is considered adequate if it has the capacity to reduce the wearer’s exposure to a hazardous substance to acceptable levels (e.g. to comply with occupational exposure limit values). Each RPD has a protection factor (PF) assigned to it, which is the ratio of the airborne concentration of the substance outside the device to that inside the device. Therefore, you need to determine the expected concentration of the contaminant(s) in the air (a monitoring programme may be required to establish this) in order to calculate the PF required. PF’s have a wide range from low protection factors to high e.g. from 4 to 2000.


There are three types of protection factor (PF):


  • APF-Assigned Protection Factor, which best reflects the workplace conditions, is the value to

use when selecting RPE. Some APFs for specific types and classes of device are published in IS

EN 529:2005 (Annex C). For example, an APF of 4 gives a lower level of protection than an APF of


  • NPF-Nominal Protection Factor, this level of protection is unlikely to be achieved in real use

situations, since the testing is carried out in a laboratory situation and does not give a good

estimate of the effectiveness of the respirator.

  • WPF-Workplace Protection Factor, this is theratio between the breathing zone concentration

of the contaminant outside the face-piece and the concentration inside the face-piece of the

contaminant in a correctly functioning RPD e.g. a concentration of 400ppm Chloroform in the

atmosphere and a concentration of 1ppm inside the mask gives an WPF of 400.


For example, an airborne dust contaminant which has an Occupational Exposure Limit Value of 5mg/m3 may be present in concentrations of up to 60mg/m3. Thus a particulate filter will need to reduce the concentration by a minimum of a factor of 12. Thus a P3 particulate filter should be selected which has an APF of 20.


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