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November 05,2021

In the past, many people didn't think they would pay attention to full face gas masks until they couldn't buy masks everywhere and worried that they would be infected with the virus if they went out rashly. They wanted to know the components of full face gas masks and wondered what full face gas masks looked like.


full face gas mask




The gas mask is mainly composed of filter element, cover body, eye window, expiratory communication device and headband. They have their own responsibilities and can cooperate tacitly at the same time.


Filter element


The filter element is a loyal guard on the gas mask. It only allows the human body to pass through the indispensable clean air for a moment. It is internally equipped with a filter layer against aerosol (small particles suspended in the air), also known as smoke filter layer, which is actually a layer of special filter paper. It should not only filter harmful aerosol particles efficiently, but also have no obvious resistance to human respiration.


The filter element is also equipped with anti-toxic carbon specially for dealing with toxic gas steam. It is different from ordinary civil activated carbon. The anti-toxic carbon should not only have a very developed microporous structure to make it have a large enough "stomach" and can "eat" as many poisons as possible, but also have fully developed mesopores and macropores to make the road with adsorption unblocked and meet the requirements of adsorption rate.


Mask body


The mask body is the main component that integrates all parts of the gas mask. At first glance, it is nothing more than a rubber. However, it should be suitable for people with a variety of head types. It should be close, not allowing poisons to enter the gap, and not causing facial pain. This is really not an easy task.


Initially, the sealing frame was made of a piece of rubber, which was called a single sealing frame. The utility model can be matched with the face, and the structure and manufacturing process are very simple, but the prominent parts of the face often feel unbearable tenderness after wearing, and the dynamic air tightness is also poor.


After that, the SLR folding close frame structure appeared. It adds a circle of reverse folding on the basis of the plane sealing frame, and forms a sealing force on the human face by relying on the elastic tension of rubber. When exhaling, the internal pressure of the mask is greater than the external pressure, which is a sealing frame structure with good positive pressure and air tightness. SLR folding close frame is undoubtedly a big step forward than single-chip close frame. However, there is still a big gap in meeting the requirements of tactical use.


Differences between full face gas mask and half face gas mask


  • Matching filter is different


The full face gas mask adopts rd40 threaded interface, which is connected with the gas filter tank of the same specification, while the half face gas mask mostly adopts bayonet and is connected with the primary gas filter box. Because the connected filters are different, the protection effect and time of the full face gas mask are higher than that of the half face gas mask.


  • The protection range is different


The full mask can cover the face, including the mouth, nose and eyes, while the half mask can only cover the mouth and nose, which can not protect the eyes and other facial skin.


  • Different horizons


Full mask gas masks mostly use polycarbonate large screen, which has a certain impact on the entry of light, while half mask gas masks directly expose their eyes and will not be damaged by light.


  • Fixed in different ways


Full face gas masks are mostly fixed by head net, and half face gas masks are mostly fixed by headband. In terms of stability, full face gas masks are better.


Usage method


  1. Loosen the full face gas mask headband and adjust it to the maximum length.


  1. Put your thumbs through the head band and pick up the full face gas mask. If equipped with a backpack breathing tube, put it over your head.


  1. Pull up the headband, brush the hair over the sealing area of the face, cover the middle of the back of the brain, and make the lower jaw enter the lower jaw cup.


  1. Make sure the full face gas mask is in the middle of the face, and tighten the two lower straps to fit behind the head. Tighten the top two tie wraps.


If you are a myopic user, please note that when using a full face gas mask, you can only use the spectacle components with fixed personal corrective lenses or wear contact lenses, otherwise the tightness of the mask may be affected. At the same time, no matter what kind of users, you should carry out positive pressure or negative pressure sealing inspection after wearing, and comprehensively check the air tightness of the gas mask.


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