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November 05,2021

Safety gas canister refers to tank-shaped storage equipment that stores air. Normally, there is moisture in the air. After the air containing moisture is compressed and heated, due to the increase in air density, some water will be precipitated and will be adsorbed when the tank wall is cooled. On the tank wall, so the general air storage tank has a water release switch.


safety gas canister


What is the safety gas canister used for?


Safety gas canisters mainly refer to equipment used to store or contain gas, liquid, liquefied gas and other media, and are widely used in chemical, petroleum, energy, light industry, environmental protection, pharmaceutical and food industries, such as hydrogen storage tanks, petroleum storage tanks, liquid ammonia storage tanks, etc. The pressure in the storage canister is directly affected by the temperature, and the medium is often flammable, explosive or toxic. The structural forms of storage tanks mainly include horizontal storage tanks, vertical storage tanks and spherical storage tanks.


It can reduce the pulsation of the air flow discharged by the piston air compressor, improve the continuity and pressure stability of the output air flow, and further precipitate and separate the moisture and oil in the compressed air to ensure continuous supply of sufficient air.


What is the applications of safety gas canister?


Safety gas canisters are widely used in central air conditioners, boilers, water heaters, frequency conversion, and constant pressure water supply equipment. They can buffer the pressure fluctuations of the system, ensure the stable air use of the system, and reduce the effect of air flow pulsation, thereby reducing system pressure fluctuations and compressing. The air smoothly passes through the compressed air purification system to fully remove oil and water impurities and reduce the load of the subsequent oxygen and nitrogen separation device. When the water pressure in the system changes slightly, it can ensure that the water pressure of the system is stable, and the water pump will not be frequently turned on due to pressure changes.


How to use safety gas canister more safely?


Precautions for use:


  • When storing or using the gas canister, it must be secured to prevent it from rolling or falling. To ensure safety, it is best to install a rubber shock-proof ring on the outside of the canister. When using the liquefied gas canister, it must be placed upright, and it is forbidden to use it upside down;



  • When using a steel canister, you should slowly open the valve on the upper end of the canister. Do not open the valve violently or use up all the gas in the canister. Leave some gas to prevent outside air from entering the gas canister;


  • When opening the high-pressure gas canister, the operator must stand on the side of the gas canisteroutlet, the gas canister should be upright, and then slowly turn the bottle open valve. The gas must be decompressed by the pressure reducing valve, and it must not be vented directly.


  • The pressure reducing valve selected on the high-pressure gas canistermust be dedicated, and the screw buckle must be tightened during installation.


  • When opening and closing the valve of a high-pressure gas canister, use your hands or a special wrench. Do not use chisel, pliers and other tools to harden the valve to prevent damage to the canister


  • The oxygen canisterand its special tools are strictly prohibited from contacting with oil, and there must be no oil near the oxygen canister. The operator must wash his hands clean. Never wear work clothes, gloves and oily hands stained with grease or oil. Prevent combustion or even explosion after oxygen rushes out. It is strictly forbidden to smoke and fire in the oxygen canister inspection place, and it is strictly forbidden to store flammable and explosive substances; the valve should be opened slowly to prevent high-pressure oxygen from rushing out of the bottle and generating static sparks; it cannot be stored or discharged at the same time with other flammable gas canisters;


  • The distance between oxygen canisters and flammable gas canisters (mainly acetylene and hydrogen in our company) and the open flame should be no less than 10m; when there are difficulties, there should be reliable heat insulation protection measures, but no less than 5m.


  • The gas canistershall be strictly protected from the sun, and it is strictly forbidden to approach the open flame or the place with high temperature. Because the pressure in the canister rises with the increase in temperature, once the pressure in the canister rises abnormally, danger will occur.


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