Combined Cartridge Filter
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  • CE approved for protection against certain organic vapors, acid gases and particulates
  • Swept-back design allows an enhanced field of view and comfort
  • Bayonet compatibility allows use with many  half and full facepieces and certain full facepieces
  • Wide range of applications reduces inventory needs


Recommended Application:


Assembly and Mechanical, Batch-Charging, Chemical Clean-up, Chemical Manufacturing, Cleaning, Fertilizing, Finishing Operations, Handling, Laboratories, Maintenance, Manufacturing, Metal Pouring Including Exposure to Lead, Painting, Pesticide Application, Petrochemical, Pharmaceuticals, Pouring Molten Metal, Seal Coatings, Working in dusty and poisonous atmosphere.



Features of full face mask


  1. Large windows are designed to have a wide view and effectively reduce the sense of depression. The window is made of impact resistant polycarbonate, which can effectively protect eyes and face while ensuring good line of sight;


  1. The reasonable air flow design inside the mask can effectively prevent fog in the window and ensure clear vision;


  1. The optimized design of the mouth and nose mask in the mask can greatly reduce the reabsorption of exhaled gas;


  1. Wear a mask with a sound diaphragm to ensure good language communication;


  1. The standard thread interface rd40 conforming to en 148-1 standard can be used together with the standard thread interface filter tank;


  1. Lightweight design, weighing only 490g, can effectively reduce the fatigue of wearing for a long time.


Air tightness test of full face mask


Gas masks mainly include full mask filter and half mask filter. When wearing a gas mask, the user should first select an appropriate mask according to the size of the head. Secondly, adjust the middle and upper headbands to the appropriate position, loosen the lower headband, hold both sides of the mask with both hands, hold your breath, close your eyes, cover the chin of the mask, and stretch the headband backward and upward with both hands at the same time. Put on the mask from bottom to top, tighten the headband and let the mask fit the face. Then take a deep breath and open your eyes. In addition, pay attention not to press the headband and hair into the tight frame of the mask, nor bend the headband claw of the mask into the mask.


Post use inspection


After use, clean, disinfect and maintain the full cover to ensure that the full cover is always in good combat readiness.


  1. Remove the air supply valve on the full cover and remove the gas cylinder on the rear support;


  1. Wipe off the oil stain or harmful dust on the feat and check whether there is any damage trace; (if there are any damaged parts or components);


  1. Damaged parts shall be repaired or replaced in time;


  1. Disinfect the product with mild neutral disinfectant, then scrub with clean water, and finally dry naturally;


  1. Check the air tightness after reassembly;


  1. After passing the inspection, enter the combat readiness state.


Maintenance method of full face mask


  1. After use, please clean the mask with clean water, remove the residue and air dry in a clean environment.


  1. Do not discard the failed canister at will, otherwise it will cause environmental pollution.


  1. For the air dried mask, please carefully check the tightness of the link, exhalation valve and inhalation valve, and put the mask in a clean place for next use.


  1. The user shall select the filter tank according to the type and concentration of poisons.


Storage environment: when not in use, it should be placed in an environment with temperature of 0-35 ℃ and humidity of 10-60 ℉. It shall not be put together with acid, alkali and other toxic substances.


Shelf life: under the condition of meeting the above storage environment and not damaging the packaging, the storage life of the product is 3 years.


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