Safety TPR Half Facepiece

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Western Union,T/T
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4000 piece per day
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This half facepiece reusable respirator offers reliable and convenient respiratory protection and is suitable for many situations, helping provide protection against particulates and a wide variety of gases and vapors.
 1. This series combines comfort and convenience
 2. Comfortable soft, lightweight facepiece with easy-to-adjust head straps
 3. CE approved for negative pressure air purifying and supplied air dual airline applications
 4. Can be disassembled, cleaned and reused
 5.Replaceable cartridges and filters allow reuse of facepiece for cost savings

replaceable cartridge filter

Liquid filtration is an important step in many industrial processes.  
Controlling contaminants is important to protect your equipment and instruments but also to assure the quality of your product.  A replaceable cartridge filter can help control these problems but can also act as a monitor for the whole process.  For example, a replaceable cartridge filter that plugs earlier than expected, indicates there may be some undesired conditions somewhere in the process.
DOE vs. SOE replaceable cartridge filter
One of the most common and simple classifications of cartridge filters is as either DOE or SOE. They both have their own advantages and disadvantages:
DOE - The most common replaceable cartridge filter found are DOE, or Double Open Ended. These cartridges have no built-in seals on either end, thus the name. Instead, the filter cartridge housing is relied upon to seal one side and stop contaminants from bypassing the cartridge.
SOE - As the name indicates, Single Open Ended cartridges have one end sealed. This seal is usually accomplished by using a polypropylene cap. By using a cap on one end, filter bypass is impossible, so systems that require higher purity filtration typically implement this type of cartridge filter. The higher cost associated with the end cap prevents this type from being used in general applications.
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